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Authors: Galina Tokunova, Alexander Petrov
Abstract: The increased role of knowledge in the economics, the growth of the role of education and innovations caused the necessity to revise the role of the basic subjects in the market (the government, business structures, universities) and mechanisms of their interaction. The primary importance is now being shifted towards such subjects of innovations as resource centers, innovative businesses, technological platforms, the clusters capable of exerting efficient influence upon the innovations process, which, in its turn, improves the competitive ability of particular spheres of business and entire national economics. This process also influenced the construction industry. The purpose of this research is to analyze the manifestation of the phenomenon of the knowledge-based economics in the construction sphere. The tasks of this research: firstly, to highlight the evolution of the scientific discipline “knowledge-based economics”; secondly, to analyze the efficiency of the phenomenon on the example of the USA, the EC and Russia; thirdly, to analyze the innovative process in the construction sphere; fourthly, to highlight the role of various institutional structures (resource centers, innovative businesses, technological platforms, clusters) for innovative activity in the construction sphere.
Authors: Yong Wang
Abstract: This article combines the Implementation of Personnel Training Sheme(2010 edition) worked out/ formulated by my college, especially the teaching reform and practical process of Inorganic Chemistry in the new teaching plan, with various teaching methods such as inquiry teaching, questionnaire teaching as well as many kinds of teaching means like animation, audiovisuals,pictures and models, and personnel training object and training result to talk about my personal attainment based ob my teaching experience and make positive suggestions.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: As a social person in society, "management" covers everything including personal management, knowledge management, and personnel management ect.. Management is an art with different skills and characteristics. It covers different aspects. In learning course, it mainly covers knowledge management, innovation and ability-training. In the paper, the author tries her best to study all of the fields. In fact, it will be beneficial for teaching and learning between teachers and students.
Authors: Lin Teng, Qing Hong Le
Abstract: A Computer Aided Innovation (CAI) system was constructed for the New Product Development (NPD) engineers of Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) precision complex product, which consists of two modules, namely, Knowledge Management (KM) module and innovation process module. KM module was used to manage internal knowledge of enterprise, and innovation process module provides innovation principles and methods for R&D engineer. The whole CAI system was constructed to utilize the internal and external knowledge effectively, also to bring a structured process for problem-identification, problem-solving and solution-generating during NPD process. At last, an engineering application example demonstrates this system can provide innovation support for GNC product.
Authors: Shang Liu
Abstract: Our aim is to propose a decision making approach to help the designer select the inventive principles from the principle set recommended by the TRIZ contradiction matrix. Both citing frequency and authority’s’ advice are considered. Entropy is introduced to help create the decision making criterion which is influenced by the citing frequency of inventive principles, and synthetical criterion is constructed considered both the importance weight of authoritys’ advice and citing frequency. The flow-progress of decision-making is given. Finally, a case study is used to show the validity of the proposal approach.
Authors: Guo Chang Qiao, Deng Bin Qiao
Abstract: This design is an implementation method based on the "automatic obstacle avoidance car", which gravitational potential energy can be converted into mechanical energy and driving as the motivation .This car can automatically avoid obstacles on the track settings in advance. The greatest feature of the car is during its operation, accelerating first then maintaining a constant speed, so that less energy consumption are required. Besides that, the walking track is closing to the sinusoidal curve. The convenient manufacture has a simple structure as well as high transmit efficiency.
Authors: Jun Peng
Abstract: Graphic advertising design in visual communication teaching is a very inclusive curriculum. This paper is started based on the competition events that the author encountered when teaching graphic advertising design, the role of competition events in promoting the information communication of advertising design teaching is analyzed and the innovative superiority of advertising design teaching in a environment of competition events is introduced in this paper, the misunderstandings existed in the teaching practice of competition events is also discussed, expecting to optimize the combination of graphic advertising design curriculum and competition events.
Authors: Huai Jing Wu, Jing Xia Liu
Abstract: Small town is the breakthrough point to quicken urbanization. This paper analyses many problems during the small towns construction in the less developed areas such as conservative ideas, the low level of urban planning, lack of economic dynamism and the negligence of cultural advantage. The characteristic innovations on concept, planning, economy, culture and architecture are put forward, for developing its distinct local characters and advantages.
Authors: Noor Hidayah Abu, Baba Md Deros, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman, Mohd Fitri Mansor
Abstract: Product innovation is an important driver for organizations to improve their performance. Large-scale organizations have received full attention from many researchers with respect to efficient pre-development implementation and practices compared to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, this study was performed with the main objective to identify SMEs practices in pre-development process. A survey questionnaire was developed and was sent to 687 Malaysian food and beverage manufacturing SMEs. Descriptive analysis was carried out to determine respondent profile and rank of eight critical success factors (CSFs) based on its contribution. Tests to investigate any differences between the level of importance and practice among SMEs were conducted using paired sample t-test. The results of the study indicated that Malaysian SMEs are aware of the importance of pre-development practices to improve organizational performance through the successful development of new products. However, several limitations (i.e. financial, work force, knowledge, experience, and technologies) had caused Malaysian SMEs unable to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the pre-development implementation practice.
Authors: Ying Peng, Zhao Yang, Jian Rong Xu, Fu Cheng Ming
Abstract: Today the industry cluster in developing countries comes to the bottleneck which is “big but not strong” because of excessive reliance on cost competition and lack of innovation ability. Therefore, industry cluster in space does not mean the economic competitive, the innovation network is the source of competitive advantage in the cluster. Gradually, how to promote the innovation network of industry cluster in developing countries becomes an urgent problem to explore and solve. In this paper, we review the knowledge network in the industry cluster and the weighted complex network, analyze the mechanism of cluster innovation, and at last give the tactics in order to create continuous momentum for the cluster innovation. The conclusion of this paper has some significance as reference for those policy-makers who try to improve industry cluster innovation.
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