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Authors: Yan Zhao, Wei Cheng, Yuan Wang, Han Chao Gao, Hai Yan Lu
Abstract: A submicron InGaAs/InP DHBT fabricated using triple mesa structure and BCB planarization technology is presented. All processes are on 3-inch wafers. The DHBT with emitter area of 0.7×10μm2 exhibits a current cutoff frequency ft and a maximum oscillation frequency fmax both of 280GHz. The breakdown voltage is more than 4V. The high speed InGaAs/InP DHBT with comparable high breakdown voltage is promising for voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and mixer applications at W band or even higher frequencies.
Authors: Aurangzeb Khan, Umar S. Qurashi, N. Zafar, M. Zafar Iqbal, Armin Dadgar, D. Bimberg
Authors: B. Kaufmann, D. Haase, Achim Dörnen, C. Hiller, Klaus Pressel
Authors: M.A. Benamara, A. Talbi, Z. Benamara, B. Akkal, N. Chabane Sari, B. Gruzza, C. Robert
Abstract: Superscript textThe III-V semiconductors materials and in particularly Indium Phosphide are a promising candidates for the elaboration of high speed electronic compounds. The importance of the interface study is increasing considerably in the last years to understand, the mechanism of interface formations and to control perfectly the technology of the elaborated compounds. This study presents an electrical characterization of InP(p)/InSb/Al2O3/ Au structures in the range of temperature varying from the temperature of liquid nitrogen to the temperature of 400°K. In order to give the evolution of electrical parameters of these structures with temperature, we have realized Capacitance-Voltage measurements at high frequency for different temperatures. The found results show that there is dispersion in the accumulation region as function with temperature. The quantity of positive charges in the insulator is estimated to 1.37×1012 atm/cm2 at room temperature. This value decreases slightly with increasing temperature. It varies fromSuperscript text 1.57×1012 atm/cm2 at 77°K to 1.12×1012 atm/cm2 at 400°K. The interface insulator/semiconductor of our samples presents a good electronical quality, the state density is equal to 4.1011 at room temperature, this one increases from 4.7×1010 to 7.1011 when temperature increases from 77°K to 400°K.
Authors: Byoung Gue Min, Jong Min Lee, Seong Il Kim, Chul Won Ju, Kyung Ho Lee
Abstract: A reliable fabrication method for providing close spacing between the emitter mesa and the base contact metal of InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistor is disclosed. The silicon nitride sidewall was formed on the emitter electrode and mesa periphery. It was used as a mask for emitter mesa etching and also as an overhang to self-align the base contact with respect to the emitter mesa. The self-aligned device fabricated by this technique exhibited better high-frequency performances with fT of 138 GHz and fmax of 143 GHz, respectively, superior to the re-aligned one on the same epitaxy wafer.
Authors: Yoshifumi Sakamoto, Takashi Sugino, Koichiro Matsuda, Junji Shirafuji
Authors: José Pedro Rino, Paulo S. Branício, Denílson S. Borges
Abstract: An effective inter-atomic potential is proposed in order to describe structural and dynamical properties of II-VI and III-V semiconductors. The interaction potential consists of twoand three-body interactions. The two-body term takes into account steric repulsion, charge-induce dipole interaction due to the electronic polarizability of ions, Coulomb interaction due to charge transfer between ions, and dipole-dipole (van der Waals) interactions. The three-body term, which has a modified Stillinger-Weber form, describes bond-bending as well as bond-stretching effects. Here we report the fitting and the application of this interaction potential for InP in the crystalline phase and for CdTe in the crystalline and liquid phases. The structural correlations are discussed through pair distribution, coordination number and bond-angle functions. Vibrational density of states for InP and CdTe as well as the static structure factor for liquid CdTe are in very good agreement with experimental data.
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