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Authors: Bin Chen, Quan Yuan, Ji Luo
Abstract: A scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used for the observation of the microstructures of a chafer cuticle. It showed that the cuticle is a kind of biocomposite consisting of complected chitin-fiber plies and sclerous protein matrix. The observation also showed that there are many holes in the cuticle and the complected fibers continuously reel these holes forming a kind of fiber-complected and reeled microstructure. Based on the SEM observation, a kind of biomimetic composite laminate with complected and reeled structure was fabricated with a special mould and process. The ultimate strength of the obtained biomimetic composite laminate was experimentally investigated and compared with that of the conventional drilling-hole composite laminate. It showed that the ultimate strength of the biomimetic composite laminate is markedly larger than that of the drilling-hole composite laminate.
Authors: Bin Chen, Xue Feng, Jing Hong Fan, Xiao Lin Wu
Authors: Bin Chen, Quan Yuan, Da Gang Yin, Jing Hong Fan
Abstract: The observation of scanning electron microscope (SEM) shows chafer cuticle is a kind of biocomposite which possesses multiscale microstructural characteristic. Under a relative small magnification of the SEM, it is found that the cuticle consists of chitin-fiber layers and protein matrix and that the fibers in two adjacent fiber layers have different directions, which composes a kind of fiber-crossed microstructure. Under a relative large magnification, it is observed that the many chitin fibers in the crossed fiber layers are furcated fibers, which exhibits a kind of fiber-furcated microstructure. The maximum pullout force of the fiber-furcated microstructure is investigated and compared with that of the fiber-non-furcated microstructure through their representational models. It shows that the maximum pull out force of the fiber-furcated structure is distinctly larger than that of the fiber-non-furcated structure.
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