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Authors: Xiang Zhi Zeng, Chao Fang Xu, Gang Liu
Abstract: With the rapid development of urbanization and the power system, the damages for the power system and electrical equipments which due to lighting strike are increasing. As the distributions of lighting activity are regional and random, the requirements for electrical and electronic equipment, voltage and insulation level are varied from lighting activity in different regions. This paper adopts the Lightning Location Data on the Pearl River Delta in the last 10 years, and uses the method of probability statistics to analyze the regional ground flash density, the probability of lightning strike accident, the damages of the lightning strikes accidents and other risk factors. It takes the topography, regional features, population density and other factors into account, and uses the weighted scores to establish the risk assessment model for the lightning strikes, programs to achieve the automatic calculation in allusion to the risk of lightning strikes in different types of buildings and insulation levels of the electrical and electronic equipment, and assess the risk of lightning strikes on the electrical and electronic equipment. And based on the risk assessment result, it incorporates the installation location, characteristics, importance and other factors to study the electronic equipment withstand voltage and insulation level.
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