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Authors: Lu Hai Mei
Abstract: In order to promote the development and application of family intelligent network technology, in this paper, a design of intelligent family network based on distributed control system is introduced. The network communication and control structure of systems makes use of a distributed control system, the gateway makes use of construction of embedded systems, remote control design makes use of browser/server to achieve. The programming provides stronger advancement, creation, flexibility and reliability with great research significance and application value.
Authors: Ping Xian Yang, Ming Jie Wang, Xing Liu, Qi Lin Hao
Abstract: This article designed an embedded intelligent home gateway for the internet of things, proposed a unified management of all kinds of intelligent household appliances, and realized the scheme for the user easily to operate and control them remotely.
Authors: Xing Qiao Liu, Peng Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, the scattering measuring principle of turbidity is introduced firstly. The new type of turbidity sensor probe designed in this paper overcomes the deficiencies of existing technologies, which has higher sensitivity, strong anti-interference and can detect the turbidity accurately and continuously. The system designed with the core of MCU C8051F020 is presented. Then the design of turbidity sensor probe, data acquisition, processing and non-linear compensation are introduced in detail. Besides, in order to eliminate the impact of temperature on the turbidity measurement and improve the measurement accuracy, temperature measurement circuit has been designed. Test results have shown that the designed on-line turbidity-meter has some advantages: low price, high precision, easy operation etc. It can be widely applied in the fields of waterworks, industrial production, aquaculture, environmental protection and so on
Authors: Zhi Ming Lei, Zi Li Wang, Yi Ren, Lin Lin Liu
Abstract: According to the characteristics of domain knowledge,a method for the determination of domain sememe is given,and a rule for the description of the domain semantic item is also given.Then,the method and the rule are applied to the failure domain.The model of semantic force is given in the process of semantic retrieval ,and the method for the calculation of semantic force is given.The method for the generation of the theme of failure mode is given.A retrieval method for failure mode based on semantic is given,and there is an example to prove its effectiveness.
Authors: Jun Sheng Wang, Yi Dong Wang, Di Liu
Abstract: The development situation of foreign army and our shipboard artillery ammunition demolition and the ways of waste ammunition destruction are summed up in this paper. The development direction of shipboard artillery ammunition demolition is put forward in this paper. Expenditure and science technology level and produced pollutants must be considered in the process of destruction. The destruction work of shipboard artillery ammunition should be developed with a more safe and orderly, more cost-effective and more saving direction.
Authors: Lei Quan, Fang Wang, Rong Li
Abstract: In this paper we introduce the concept of an agile electronic pest control intelligent device for commercial usage and we have evaluated its performance in comparison with other existing similar technologies. The frequency and intensities are changed with respect to the target pest however human behavior has been found to be inert with their exposure. The unit has been tested in lab conditions as well as field testing done have given encouraging results. The device can be a standalone unit and hence work for small scale viz. kitchen garden on the other hand multiple devices acting in coordination with each other give the desired output on a larger scale. Lastly, we chose a tricopter over the wider used quadcopter for greater yaw and agility. The work was funded by IEEE under AiyeHum – 2012 and the prototype was successfully built and tested. The system response effectiveness was found to 86.5% up to a distance of 15 meters.
Authors: J.M. Liang
Abstract: The injection molding process has been well-known non-linear complex dynamics and the approach extensively applied manual control and rely on experienced engineers. An intelligent optimization controller has been designed with two series neural networks and the multi-losses function has been proven can automatically adjust the machine setting overcome the complex dynamics to upgrade part’s quality and reduce experienced engineers. The proposed method has shown promising future for expediting the on-line process parameter tuning work to other complicate non-linear system in the future.
Authors: Hui Min Liu, Pu Cheng
Abstract: In order to enable people to places far away from the home appliance control, home appliances to keep abreast of the state. Use of the existing network of public internet communication platform, an intelligent home appliances designed remote control, through the instruction receiving unit, instruction decode unit, instruction output unit and the circuit controller for a variety of household electrical appliances integrate the control concentrated in one, effective solution for remote control of various household appliances unified purpose, a simple structure, reasonable design, easy to use features, proved that the system uses low-cost, high reliability.
Authors: Yong Jie Tan
Abstract: Decision-making in the process of business operations is a more complex management task and is a core part of enterprise management. With the continuous development of the social economy, the living environment of enterprises is increasingly complex and the competition among enterprises becomes increasingly fierce. Intelligent Decision Support System is a new information technology that can provide information and solutions for enterprise management, help managers quickly process information, reduce their burden of work, and enhance managers efficiency and quality of decision-making.
Authors: Wen Qing Zhang, Yuan Li, Xu Guang Liu, Xu Ning Liu
Abstract: In order to simulate growth process of plant, and visually display the growth development of plant under different physiological and ecological factors, the growth model is investigated from the perspective of intelligent expert system. The paper analyzes the structure mechanism of plant growth, introduces the construction process of plant growth model, presents the research of expert system, then discusses the integration mechanism of plant growth model and agricultural intelligent system, proposes the combination frame of the physiological and ecological models of plant, contributing to decision-making of expert system and visually showing the growth process of plant. The practice indicates that the system greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of the model simulation of plant growth and has great significance in improving the management level of plant growth.
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