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Authors: Jun Peng
Abstract: Graphic advertising design in visual communication teaching is a very inclusive curriculum. This paper is started based on the competition events that the author encountered when teaching graphic advertising design, the role of competition events in promoting the information communication of advertising design teaching is analyzed and the innovative superiority of advertising design teaching in a environment of competition events is introduced in this paper, the misunderstandings existed in the teaching practice of competition events is also discussed, expecting to optimize the combination of graphic advertising design curriculum and competition events.
Authors: Su Juan Zhang
Abstract: Based upon the characteristics of micro-pile in building heightening and transformation (mainly including the mechanism of the press injection increasing the bearing capacity , the rigid connection between micro-pile and its original foundation), through the analysis of its load characteristics in building heightening and transformation, using the theory of pile foundation constructed in reverse order, then the mechanical mechanism of micro-pile and original foundation is studied and the analysis method of soil-pile-foundation (cap) interaction by considering pile tip penetration displacement and soil compression between pile shafts is demonstrated.
Authors: Jin Sheng Han, Shu Ping Cong
Abstract: Based on experimental researches, a simple numerical analysis method was presented to simulate the full load-deformation process of bar-reinforced concrete filled steel tubular short columns subjected to axial compression. Firstly, the interaction process of steel tube and concrete was analyzed, and then, the simplified constitutive models of steel tube and concrete were established on the base of previous analysis results. Secondly, the relation between lateral and longitudinal strain of steel tube was analyzed based on experimental results, and a simple method was presented to calculate the lateral strain of steel tube. Finally, a program was worked out to simulate the full load-deformation process of bar-reinforced concrete filled steel tubular short columns. The program’s simulation results of both ultimate bearing capacity and load-deformation curves are in good agreement with the experimental results.
Authors: Wan Kui Liu, Yue Liu
Abstract: 3D displays become more and more prevalent. Most 3D displays are so complicated and expensive that they are unavailable for ordinary people. Moreover, none of them are interactive. In this paper, we introduce a novel interactive low cost 3D display based on polarized light phenomenon. The system includes a touch box and two mutually perpendicular LCDs with a piece of half-silvered glass which bisects them. This novel system permits: (1) superior quality of display and (2) a novel interactive experience. The principle of the linearly polarized light reflection and refraction is deduced by Fresnel equations. The touch box is used to simulate 3D mouse, which consists of two touch panels. To show how it works, we implemented a 3D game application and a set of interactions are introduced.
Authors: Heng Zhang
Abstract: P2P technology is potentially one of the cornerstones of future networks. But the absence of standards makes it difficult to operate and control P2P-based networks. In the paper, we defined a structured global index as the basis for constructing future manageable, operable and scalable networks, and try to find a way to solve the inherent problems of current P2P networks, such as interaction in heterogeneous networks and multi-dimensional query issues. In the beginning of the paper, we give an introduction on current P2P networks and summarize the problems; and then we will describe the structured global index in detail; finally, we give a prospect on future operation network, and through two cases to illustrate how the problems are solved.
Authors: Fei Fei Chen, Zhi Ming Xu, Xue Wen Sun, Suo Qi Zhao
Abstract: It is important to find out how to strengthen the interaction between nickel porphyrins and asphaltene in the alkane solvents of the low molecular weight for raising the removal rate of nickel in the solvent deasphalting process. Therefore, the adsorption kinetics, which describes how the nickel etioporphyrins are adsorbed on asphaltene (the vacuum residue of Canadian oil sands bitumen (VTB)) in the n-pentane solvent, are investigated. The results show that a certain amount of nickel porphyrins is absorbed on the asphaltene of VTB, which means there is a certain adsorption between asphaltene and nickel porphyrins. The adsorption rate is affected by the dosage of asphaltene, the concentration of the n-pentane solution containing nickel porphyrins and the temperature. A comparison in the four kinds of kinetic models on the overall adsorption rate shows that adsorption process can be perfectly described by the pseudo second-order equation.
Authors: Dong Mei Yu
Abstract: In this paper, author presents a new computational model where both the results of emotional interactions from the intrinsic emotion and recognition and the extrinsic environmental stimulation (another agent), the two parts play an important role in everyday life. We take a kind of six basic emotion states (happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness, disgust), and updates its state depending on its current emotional and cognitive state and meeting with another one in random environment. At last, we also design some experiments to verify the effects of affective cognitive algorithm. Those experimental results are accordance with the emotion principle of human being.
Authors: Xue Feng Li, Chu Wu, Shao Xian Peng, Jian Li
Abstract: Micro interaction forces of lubricity surface of silicon and mica were studied using atomic force microscopy (AFM). From different scanning angle and bisection distance of the AFM, a new method of measuring micro static friction of lubricity surface materials was investigated. Results show that the micro coefficients of static and sliding friction of mica are less than the silicon, but the adhesive force is bigger. The mechanism of friction force of the two lubricity materials was discussed.
Authors: Mikhail D. Starostenkov, Nikolay Medvedev, Olga Pozhidaeva
Abstract: The formation of Frenckel pairs - vacancies and interstitial atoms takes place during external high energetical influence. The accumulation and aggregatization of point defects is noticed only at definite conditions. Vacancies form volume vacancy tetrahedrons and interstitial atoms form segregations. The conditions of the formation of point defects complexes on the basis of Frenckel pairs were studied by the methods of molecular dynamics in the dependence on temperature and intensity of external influence. Their possible role in the process of deformation and fracture of materials under study were evaluated. Comparison analysis of their stability was made for clusters of interstitial atoms. When the cluster had about 130 interstitial atoms, crowdion complexes were energetically profitable.
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