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Authors: Valeri V. Afanas'ev, Florin Ciobanu, Sima Dimitrijev, Gerhard Pensl, Andre Stesmans
Abstract: Properties of defects encountered at the oxidized surfaces of silicon carbide (SiC) suggest their origin to be different from the dangling-bond-type defects commonly observed in the oxidized silicon. Among different models of these SiC/oxide interface states advanced during the past decade, two have received substantial experimental support. This first one is the “carbon cluster” model, which ascribes the traps with energy levels in the SiC bandgap to inclusions of elemental carbon formed during the SiC surface treatment and subsequent oxidation. The second model invokes intrinsic defects of SiO2 to account for the high density of interface states in the energy range close to the conduction band of SiC. Achievements in reducing the SiC/SiO2 defect density are discussed.
Authors: Saichirou Kaneko, Hideaki Tanaka, Yoshio Shimoida, Norihiko Kiritani, Satoshi Tanimoto, Mitsugu Yamanaka, Masakatsu Hoshi
Authors: Svetlana Beljakowa, Thomas Frank, Gerhard Pensl, Kun Yuan Gao, Florian Speck, Thomas Seyller
Abstract: An alternative oxidation technique is developed and built up, which provides monatomic oxygen during the whole oxidation process. The set-up consists of a tungsten lamp furnace and a microwave-plasma. A number of different gases can be introduced into the oxidation quartz tube. In addition, an Al2O3-layer is deposited on a part of the oxide layers by atomic layer chemical vapor deposition (ALCVD). First oxidation runs result in encouraging low values of the density of interface states Dit and in the flatband voltage UFB. It turns out that with the present experimental conditions, the comparison of MOS capacitors fabricated with different dielectric layers favors gate dielectrics grown in O2/N2-ambient.
Authors: T. Hirao, Hiroshi Yano, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Hiromu Shiomi
Authors: Kenji Fukuda, Makoto Kato, Junji Senzaki, Kazutoshi Kojima, Takaya Suzuki
Authors: Peter Deák, Adam Gali, Z. Hajnal, Thomas Frauenheim, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén, Wolfgang J. Choyke, P. Ordejón
Authors: H.Ö. Ólafsson, Christer Hallin, Einar Ö. Sveinbjörnsson
Authors: Fredrik Allerstam, Einar Ö. Sveinbjörnsson
Abstract: This study is focused on characterization of deep energy-level interface traps formed during sodium enhanced oxidation of n-type Si face 4H-SiC. The traps are located 0.9 eV below the SiC conduction band edge as revealed by deep level transient spectroscopy. Furthermore these traps are passivated using post-metallization anneal at 400°C in forming gas ambient.
Authors: C.E. Tucker, F.A. Smith, Paul G. Coleman
Authors: H.Ö. Ólafsson, Einar Ö. Sveinbjörnsson, T.E. Rudenko, V.I. Kilchytska, I.P. Tyagulski, I.N. Osiyuk
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