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Authors: Kun Liu, Liang Zhang, Sheng Qun Tang, Xue Qin
Abstract: Under the background of information integration, the semantics of ontology integration is still an open issue. In this paper, we propose a revised distributed interpretation which is adapted from distributed description logics. In our proposal, ontology integration is taken as global ontology and local ontologies connected by ontology mapping. They are respectively interpreted with DL semantics and Semantic Import semantics. In this way, our method can facilitate understanding and maintenance of ontology integration.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: Intelligent system has been used in many different fields. And many researchers have put their focused on the application of intelligent system with the development of information technology. The author of the paper has studied the intelligent system too with its application in interpretation. At the same time, some applied technology will also be analyzed in intelligent system. With the analysis of intelligent system, the author has found out many advantages of intelligent system for improving interpretation abilities of leaners and at the same time she also found out some measures to deal with some problems in intelligent system and some questions will also be listed for the future study. During the courses of study, some instructions and euipments have been used for effective results. The author hopes that all of the study will be useful for further learners and researchers in this field.
Authors: Hui Yong Wang, Yun Yin Zhang, Ming You Tan
Abstract: In recent years, the proven reserves of lithological reservoirs account for a little more than two-thirds of the total proven reserves in SL Oilfield. The seismic predication technique as the key exploration method of lithological reservoirs focuses on identifying and describing reservoirs, especially on sand bodies. For the lacustrine faulted basin with various complex lithological reservoirs, based on the different geological characteristics of the reservoirs, a series of techniques suitable for channel sand, sandy conglomerate, turbidite and beach bar reservoirs have been developed and applied in the lithological reservoir identification and description and have made great progress in the actual exploration.PrefaceSince 1990s, the exploration in SL Oilfield has already developed to that of subtle reservoirs. The proven reserves of lithological reservoirs account for nearly 70% of the total reserves. The seismic predication technique as the key exploration method of lithological reservoirs focuses on identifying and describing reservoirs, especially on sand bodies. For lithological reservoir exploration in complex geologic conditions, lots of studies have been completed in order to obtain great success in many areas [1-7]. With the increasing degree of exploration, lithological reservoirs will become the key role in the future. It is very important to apply geophysical data for identification and description of lithological reservoirs. It has significant effect to improve exploration benefit and the production.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: In the new ages of application of applied technology and teaching form in every universities, many different modes have been tried and some roles can be seen clearly during the course. Learning efficiency and interpretation efficiency can also be seen during this course,and the author has studied information-applied technology and electronic materials for autonomous leaning of autonomous learners. Applied information technology is very necessary in this course for the urgent need for its developments. At the same time, the proper application of electronic materials is also analyzed, the author finds out that electronic materials have their own special classification and special characteristics. It is the special characteristics that make the electronic materials play more important roles in interpretation.
Authors: Xian Zhi Tian
Abstract: ] In interpretation, linguistic transmitted is often through many different carriers. As for the different carriers, applied technology and printing materials are regarded as very important ways for improving linguistic transmitting abilities. Although many different modes have been tried and some efficiency can be seen during this time. During the course of interpretation,note method is very special and useful for the interpretation. At the same time, the proper application of printing materials is also analyzed for improving the efficiency of interpretation, in the course, the author finds out that each material has its own special characteristics and proper application methods. Thus,it is the special characteristics of printing materials that make applied technology and printing materials play more important roles in interpretation. [key words] applied technology; useful modes; printing materials; interpretation; note methods
Authors: Le Jiang Guo, Xiao Tang, Yan Bin Liu
Abstract: This paper describes the method and realization of the objective binary segmented image to obtain the goal of characteristic quantities. The target block of the binary image is formed by pixel labeling. Through using mathematical morphology image processing method to filter out binary image noise, it achieves a clear goal of extracting the boundary. With the license plate character recognition, the experiment shows that the algorithm is effective. All numerical examinations illustrate the high convergence speed and prove the validity of recognition rate.
Authors: Sharin Ab Ghani, Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob, Young Zaidey Yang Ghazali, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Imran Sutan Chairul, Mohd Safwan Mohamad
Abstract: Distribution transformer in Malaysian electricity network is categorized as major element on delivering electricity throughout the nation. Advanced diagnostic tools are used to monitor any technical problem of transformer to sustain its capability in the long run. One type of it which is currently being used in worldwide is Frequency Response Analysis (FRA). The reliability from this method is proven worldwide in diagnosing transformer condition especially a mechanical movement. FRA technique is done by comparing the response result in transformer initial condition to its current condition. The interpretation of transformer condition from the response is based on frequency sub-bands. Each frequency sub-bands are indicating any movement parts of transformer and electrical faults. Currently, there are three worldwide standards established for interpreting the FRA results but both of them are different in frequency sub-bands range. Up to now, there are no research papers comparing the fault detection capabilities from frequency sub-bands range for both standards. In this paper, comparative study is done to visualize and interpret the capabilities from three standards (IEEE Std C57.149 2012, DL/T911-2004 and Cigre WG A2/26); by focus on the frequency sub-bands range.
Authors: Constantin Anghelache, Alexandru Manole, Mădălina Gabriela Anghel
Abstract: Capital market provides strong opportunities for investors who know how to adopt favorable decision in real time. The decision to invest on the capital market involves deep knowledge on the mechanisms and characteristics of this market, the factors that determine the consequences of investment decisions and the performance of allocated capital. As the data volume related to the capital market evolution reaches a sizable amount, we consider appropriate to propose a multidimensional data structure that would be able to assist the investor in analyzing the shares in which he would like to invest. This structure could be designed by using an accessible support system, as the dimensional model proposed is valid for any DSS based on OLAP.
Authors: Yi Lun Lv, Bin Feng
Abstract: We designed and developed a test data interpreting system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of test data analysis of space power-source and to meet the challenge challenges of heavy productive task and mass product quality. The design took full thought of the characteristics of the aerospace product, actual test data obtained from the development, the product test goal, the composition and the basic requirements of the test data analysis. The system realized automatic data interpretation, multi-parameter interpretation, multidimensional time series interpretation and graphic curve display, demonstrating its rosy future in solving the problem of test data analysis in aerospace field.
Authors: Yan Cui
Abstract: Nowadays, desertification is a common major environmental problem confronted by human society. Analysis in dynamic change of desertification is one of the tasks to control it, and the interpretation of desertification data is the base to analyze the dynamic change. Based on the analysis of collected data of geology, geomorphology, soil, climate, hydrology, and vegetation, the author indicates that different periods of desertification degree distribution maps can be obtained by selecting multi temporal TM images of the study area in recent years, which are interpreted by the tool of RS & GIS. Then, Kubuqi desert is researched as a sample and desertification dynamic change is discussed in terms of desertification area changes, spatial changes of desertification levels. The main ideas can be deduced as follows: 1. The results indicate that frequent human activities will speed up the degradation and deterioration of ecosystem in Kubuqi desert where environmental capacity is small. 2. In addition to general engineering and biological measures, tourism development should be taken into consideration to eliminate the root causes of irrational human activities and keep dynamic balance of ecological systems and human environment.
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