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Authors: Shang Liu
Abstract: Our aim is to propose a decision making approach to help the designer select the inventive principles from the principle set recommended by the TRIZ contradiction matrix. Both citing frequency and authority’s’ advice are considered. Entropy is introduced to help create the decision making criterion which is influenced by the citing frequency of inventive principles, and synthetical criterion is constructed considered both the importance weight of authoritys’ advice and citing frequency. The flow-progress of decision-making is given. Finally, a case study is used to show the validity of the proposal approach.
Authors: Jun Feng Wang, Sui Huai Yu, Jan Jie Chu, Bin Qi
Abstract: Sustainable product design has become the tendency of the product design because the degradation of the environment. However, there are no effective methodologies or framework designers and developer eager to. This paper base on the soft system methodology present a methodology which is effective to the idea generation phases in sustainable product design process. From the need identification to the idea generation, sustainable product design criteria and relationship between it and customer requirements, 39 engineering parameters, 40 inventive principles were use in the methodology. An example is illustrated to show the process of this work flow, and the result show the effectiveness of the methodology.
Authors: Jian Yi Zhang, Jin Gang Jiang, Qiang Lv, Dan Yang Xu
Abstract: Aiming to the young people’s requirements on mobile phone design, market research for target population is done. Requirements on mobile phone design are found. Compared to existing mobile phone, the direction of mobile phone conceptual design is planned. A novel conceptual mobile phone is designed based on TRIZ theory. Based on TRIZ theory, the solution process is simple, has clear goal, and the effect is outstanding. So TRIZ theory is a good way of innovation.
Authors: Jian Wen Gong, Wen Qiang Li, Yan Li, Xiang Liu
Abstract: Patent which as a carrier of knowledge contains abundant information, is an important resource of supporting innovative design. Based on the analysis and organization of the patent information of mechanical and electrical fields, this article proposes a proprietary database system for product design innovation. Through a combination of TRIZ and FBS solution process, it can provide support in the product design stage. Finally, an example of folding bike design is listed to explain the application of the patent knowledge base.
Authors: Yan Jin, Shao Jun Liu
Abstract: Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is introduced in this paper, including its fundamental principles and methods. Contradiction matrix and substance-field analysis are used to solve the concept design problems in engineering. Based on this method, the processing problems of a wrench element are worked out, and 3d model of the multi-operational CNC lathe is designed through SolidWorks software, then the dynamic performance of mechanical subsystem and the strength of key parts are simulated and analyzed, and the results show that the machine tool proves to be successful to meet the intended high precision of the work-piece.
Authors: Jin Gang Jiang, Ze Xu Tang, Peng Jie Li, Wen Hua Xu, Xue Fei Wang, Jian Tao Li, Yun Feng Liu
Abstract: Aiming to the difficulty of washing-hand for a one-armed man, functional requirements of washing-hand for a one-armed man is analyzed, and TRIZ theory is described in detail. A novel conceptual assisted washing-hand device for a one-armed man is put forward in this paper. Innovative problems of the assisted washing-hand device design were solved based on contradiction conflict matrix theory and material field theory of TRIZ. The whole three-dimensional model of assisted washing-hand device is built. TRIZ theory can provide the reference basis for structural design of assisted washing-hand device for a one-armed man.
Authors: Jian Yi Zhang, Jun Qiang Cao
Abstract: Industrial design is a design practical activity based on innovation. TRIZ is a method and tool about systematic innovation. The invention principles of TRIZ are suitable for finding a new path of industrial design. This paper analyses the basic principle of TRIZ theory, and discusses the application of the principle of TRIZ in industrial design field. On the basis of the theory of TRIZ, two new products are designed. The corresponding result shows the combination of industrial design and innovation methods will promote industrial design.
Authors: Wei Long Li, Jin Wang, Guo Dong Lu
Abstract: The 40 inventive principles of TRIZ are useful methods for solving engineering design problem. 3D garment CAD is significant for improve the efficiency and level of fashion design. This article describes the application of these principles of TRIZ in three-dimensional garment CAD. Based on the characteristics and requirements of fashion design, the author analyze the basic meaning of these inventive principles, and use them in the research and application three-dimensional garment CAD, such as decomposition and combination of virtual apparel components, clothing structural design, setting of clothing color and pattern library, inter-conversion between three-dimensional mesh of clothing and two-dimensional pieces and so on. Some examples show that the application of these principles is feasible and effective.
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