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Authors: Jing Chun Feng, Yu Hao Li, Yu Han Wang, Ming Chen
Abstract: To overcome the acceleration discontinuity and feed fluctuation of the conventional five-axis grinding interpolator, a jerk-limited acceleration is utilized and two aspects of constraints is taken into account: (1) the machining dynamics, including the constraints of power, velocity, acceleration and jerk represented by upper bounds for each axis (2) the contour constraints of linear segments, including the linear distance of the segment and sharp corner at the segment junctions. With the analysis of these constrains, the optimal feed for each segment and the joint feed at the segment junctions is derived. The corresponding adjusted interpolation algorithm with jerk-limited acceleration is presented such that a smooth motion during the machining can be maintained. The presented algorithm is demonstrated by the simulation result.
Authors: H.Y. Shen, Jian Zhong Fu, Zi Chen Chen
Abstract: The proposed Axis-based Look-ahead NURBS Interpolator (ALANI) strictly confines the component acceleration and jerk at each axis during every interpolating period based on the mechanics of the machine tools, so that the acceleration and jerk at axes can not exceed the limit in order to avoid immoderate vibrations and shocks. Contour precision is also strictly guaranteed while interpolating. The interpolator can trace back and recalculate previous data if necessary after forwards calculation and verification. And the recalculation algorithm is able to choose optimized machining parameters to attain high efficiency. The introduction of ALANI and simulation experiment is present in this paper.
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