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Authors: Chun Bao Huo, Chun Ling Liu, Cai Juan Zhang
Abstract: Design and implementation of system of wireless-monitoring for goods train is based on ZigBee technology. The system is consisted of ZigBee monitoring nodes on-site and handheld display terminal. The JN5139 wireless microprocessor is used as the master controller for ZigBee monitoring nodes, which is produced by JENNIC Ltd. in Britain. ZigBee device nodes automatically form wireless sensor networks, and use door magnetic sensor circuit which has high sensitivity and fast response to monitor the status of the door. The alarm information about the status of the door will be transmitted to the handheld wireless terminal to display and alarm. RFID technology is useful in conditions that mobile and car numbers are arbitrarily setted for freight transport in the process of practical design. Furthermore, modular design is used to facilitate the maintenance of the system and improve the capabilities of real-time, reliability, stability and anti-jamming.
Authors: Xin Li Cao, Jun Qiao Xiong
Abstract: Using JN-5139 processor and Zigbee net technology, paper explains a wireless multi-channel responder system. It can realize duplex communicationautomatic network,automatic determination,automatic voice broadcast. Paper shows hardware and software flow chart of player node (router node) and compere node (coordinator node),Zigbee net initialization.Paper defines dataframe of MAC layer and Physical layer. The system can meet the demand for various responder contest for it is low-cost, easy to expand for nodes, stable, smart and has long communication distance.
Authors: Peng Yang, Chu Yan Shen, Wang Wang Shi
Abstract: Photovoltaic module is an important part of photovoltaic power generation, so the quality and reliability of Photovoltaic modules directly determine the whole (PV) power system’s stability. Design a JN5139 as control core based on the solar Photovoltaic modules of WSN sensor node. This paper firstly analyzes the sun batteries testing principle, then from two aspects of hardware and software this sensor node in detail, including hardware JN5139 timing acquisition by the output of solar cell piece voltage, current and bypass the diode loop current, judge battery slice of actual work; Software from main program respectively, AD son conversion program, etc are introduced. With the data of experiment collecting, the node is analyzed and evaluated.
Authors: Huo You Li, Shao Jie Chen
Abstract: The low-consuming wireless sensor network is becoming more and more popular; this essay drafts a proposal for wireless sensor network system design. The proposal describes detailed hardware and software designs of sensor node. With a feature of self-organized and self-adaptive, the system remains keep good communication even the location of network node changes. This system is applicable to synchronized monitoring on water pollution in rivers, lakes, springs and oceans.
Authors: Ying Li Zhu, Ling Qing Xie
Abstract: The safe of the cola mine has become the focus of the national industrial security, the prevention and monitoring of coal mine safety have been researched in recent years. With the development of sensor technology, MEMS, wireless communications, Wireless Sensor Networks have been paid great attention in industry field and our daily life. According to the grim situation of current production safety, the article applies WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) to safety monitoring system of the coal mine. For the purpose of meeting requirements of monitoring signals, JN5139 is chosen as the microprocessor. The sensor nodes can collect and transport the environment parameters of the coal mine including temperature, humidity and gas concentrate and so on, and send the data to the remote monitoring center. The monitoring system can improve the level of monitoring production safety and reduce accident in the coal mine.
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