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Authors: Gi Young Park, C.K. Lee, Jung Taek Kim, K.C. Kwon, Sang J. Lee
Abstract: To monitor the wear and degradation on a pipe by corrosion during a plant operation, the vibration signals were measured by an accelerometer and analyzed by several analysis techniques. From the conventional methods, it was difficult to identify the wear and degradation on the pipe. And hence, the time-frequency distribution (TFD) and the adaptive cone-kernel distribution (ACKD) devised for reducing the interfering cross-terms are applied to the acquired data. They can provide the distinguishing peak patterns between the normal and corrosion signals.
Authors: Bo Xie, Shi Wen Wang
Abstract: In order to meet the security requirement of the dispatching data network and the features of its main applications, the principle of IP over SDH and the overall plan of Henan Power dispatching data network (HNDnet) based on IP over SDH is presented, together with the network architecture of the dual-plane backbone network and access network. Kernel design, network protection on communication side and routers access mode of Henan data dispatching network based on the dual-plane power communication network are illustrated in detail and some examples are given. Then a safer dispatching data network is provided.
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