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Authors: Wei Ying Li
Abstract: There is a clear lack of respect about traditional network adaptive learning system teaching on individualized assessment knowledge and building tacit knowledge, and this paper presents a knowledge model that supports personalized knowledge assessment, knowledge stored in the cloud computing environment, and construct tacit knowledge for learning body, to provide a personalized learning services for learners to achieve user to adapt the system to adapt to the user's system and two-way adaptation, this paper has guiding significance for further studies of adaptive learning systems.
Authors: Jian Hui Shi, Li Hua Liu
Abstract: Collaborative learning is becoming a very important teaching mode in course teaching. This paper puts forward a dynamic collaborative learning oriented knowledge model and course teaching mode, and then designs the process of course teaching. Different leaning modes are used for different kind of course knowledge to fulfill the collaborative leaning and personalized individual leaning.
Authors: Shang Fu Hao, Xia Zhang, Bai Li Sun
Abstract: Base on the study of interactive collaborative learning system, a construction program of a knowledge-centric interactive collaborative learning system is proposed. The program adopts the knowledge point as the smallest element of teaching resource library, and constructs knowledge model through the relationship between knowledge points. In this paper, the course Computer Organization Principles is taken as an example to build knowledge point repository which is with a certain applicable value and be of guiding significance for the subsequent collaborative learning research.
Authors: Fo Lin Li, Huan Wen Yang, Xi Zhang, Xiao Man Hu, Wei Zou, Yang Zhong Liu
Abstract: In order to improve the mathematical description quantitatively, and support decision in tobacco crop knowledge. A Good quality flue-cured tobacco production and management decision support system (GQFKMTDSS) has been designed and developed applying JSP under the Windows Server environment, based on good quality flue-cured tobacco knowledge model with system analysis methods and mathematical modeling techniques. The system helps for forecasting function and guiding decision-making to good quality flue-cured tobacco.
Authors: Li Gang Fang, Jin Xiang Li, Cai Dong Gu, Hong Li Li
Abstract: Precision fruits system is based on new tools and sources of information provided by modern technologies, such as the global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing (RS), geographic information system (GIS) and variable-rate technologies. The modern technologies are integrated based on computer technology. The study introduced foreign and domestic situation of computer technology in precision fruits in detail. The key computer technology, such as the basic geographic databases and intelligent decision support system in precision fruits were analyzed, and the theory and practical application of spectral diagnosis of soil-leaf nutrient and online detecting model of microelement of fruits was emphasized in Suzhou city. The study shows that computer technology is one of the keys to establish high quality and efficiency, ecological, safety precision fruits farming techniques system of Suzhou city, and provides technical support for an increase in income of fruits farmer while decreasing in cost and pollution of fruits farming.
Authors: Mei Qing Wang, Bin Wang
Abstract: Functional modeling is the key step in product design process. To improve the quality of functional modeling, an identification method of key elemental function based on function-failure knowledge was proposed. A function-failure knowledge model for mechanical product was built, which consists of function-failure mode, relationships among failure modes, and failure risk information. By means of the function-failure repository, the approach to calculate risk number (RN) of the elemental function was presented, in which the relationships among failure modes were considered. Then the key elemental functions were identified by the RN value. Finally, a case was studied to illustrate the proposed method.
Authors: Wei Jin An, Xin Song, Wen Ming Yang
Abstract: With the more profound requirements for knowledge resource application in the complex production collaborative design, a complex production design method based on knowledge model driven was put forward with the development trend of intelligent design theory. The knowledge mining oriented the key phases of complex production design process, knowledge modeling with its reuse are the core of the method. The system framework of the design method was structured. This method supports the whole process of product design, it truly realized sharing, reuse and seamless integration among product model, task model and process model through the ontology model as a knowledge carrier. Finally, the thrust bearing-a key component of hydropower generating units, for example verify the correctness of the design methodology and feasibility.
Authors: Jian Ming Guo, Zheng Wang, Yan Ping Wang
Abstract: With the increase of drilling data scale, real-time optimal drilling engineering seems to be difficult only by manual or traditional computer data, numerical, even simple knowledge processing. In such a case, Integration knowledge system is proven to be helpful in optimal drilling and improvement of drilling efficiency. A integrated and shared platform is built up about multi-source heterogeneous drilling data and information, to establish the conditions of intelligent reasoning; A multi-hierarchy and multi-modality knowledge model is created based on Ontology, they can define the performance, structure, function, axiom and case of glossary in oil drilling optimization domain, and integrate drilling optimization requirement, static and dynamic drilling data and Problem-Solving Method(PSM);An evolutionary uncertainty reasoning mechanism is built up to integrate rule and case reasoning based on Bayesian Network; An integrated knowledge system is exploited based on the knowledge model of and its reasoning. By application in oil field, the results show its intelligent level and reliability improve clearly, and prove that optimal drilling knowledge model created based on ontology can meet the neets of share and re-usability of knowledge in a special field, and the model has wide application prospects.
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