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Authors: Wen Kui Xi, Xiao Yang Yuan
Abstract: The research of Service science, engineering and management (SSME) is depended on knowledge resources, and related to the process of serving. The research objective of this paper is oriented on a complex product design service which with the characteristics of disciplinary fusion, integration and coordination of knowledge, and the hypothesis oriented on knowledge flow was proposed for research this special service object. The content of this hypothesis is an experiential view, that is, modern complex product design process is driven by design task, and it is a knowledge flow process, whose core is new knowledge acquisition. Based on this experiential view, this study proposed a design process control and knowledge service research frame of complex product. Moreover, to promote the understanding and realization of the hypethesis mentioned above, the modeling and control of the design process of modern complex product through the process of knowledge flow, original knowledge acquisition of disciplinary subjects supporting for the construction of knowledge resources, and the construction and formal organization of resource unit based on knowledge base were conducted in this study. The knowledge flow-oriented hypothesis, experiential view and relevant prospective research results, are supposed to provide knowledge base and theory reference for the formation of SSME relevant axiom and theorem
Authors: Wen Kui Xi, Xiao Yang Yuan, Qian Jia
Abstract: Knowledge-intensive is a significant feature of the modern service-oriented industrial structure, and knowledge service is a main part of knowledge science. With research practices and accumulations in the field of tribological knowledge acquisition of turbine, automobile engines and other complex mechanical systems, construction of knowledge base and cooperation with enterprises in chain of “University-Industry-Research”, based on the understanding and experience of conceptual contents and features of tribology, knowledge service and resource unit and other concepts in the process of utilization, this paper studied the expression of modeling knowledge in the process of basic tribological knowledge service, construction of knowledge unit based on knowledge base and the driving force of knowledge acquisition and knowledge flow.
Authors: Ze Biao Li, Xu Wei Pan, Xing Wang Zheng
Abstract: To solve the difficulties in increasing large number of knowledge, with unstable irresponsible quality and acquiring automatically and implicitly dynamic individual knowledge needs of designers, an approach of knowledge service implementation in complex product design (CPD) process is put forward. The knowledge affair-matter-element model is proposed, achieving the organic integration between knowledge and design activities. Finally, the method of extensible knowledge optimization and the method of self-adaptive knowledge service are discussed.
Authors: Wei Cao
Abstract: The key factor of product innovation design is analyzed in this paper. Among these factors, the construction of product innovation design knowledge service system is most important to enhance ability of innovative design. The process of innovative design is divided into conceptual layer, system layer and parts layer, and that the design process and knowledge class of different layer is totally different. Innovation design process of products is always along with the flow and inte-gration of different knowledge. The integration pattern and evaluation formula of knowledge ser-vice is put forward in the paper and finally the knowledge service system supporting innovation design in distributed resources.
Authors: Dao Ping Wang, Ye Zhou, Yun Zhu Wang
Abstract: Knowledge service network, a new mode of knowledge symbiosis in the agile supply chain, emphasized the main body of knowledge service and knowledge requirement in the network, and provided the more specialized, marketed and individual knowledge service. Expatiated the related concepts of the Knowledge Service Network in the Agile Supply Chain (KSN-ASC), analyzed the composition and network mode of the KSN-ASC, and reckoned the push of the exterior environment and the pull of the organization interior requirement as the main reasons of the formation and development of the KSN-ASC. Furthermore, it analyzed the evolvement from knowledge sharing, knowledge chain, knowledge network to knowledge service network of the agile supply chain, which can better comprehend the formation and development of the KSN-ASC.
Authors: Yu Xiang Zhao, Sheng Yue Hao
Abstract: With the sustainable development of China's economy, the engineering consulting industry plays an important role in various types of construction, in particularly in the huge construction projects. The purpose of the paper is to research the innovation of knowledge service for network-based engineering consulting industry. With the method of combining theory with practice and the application of connecting advance with feasibility, the situations and challenges of the network-based engineering consulting industry are introduced in this paper. What is more, the development strategy in the innovation of knowledge service for network-based engineering consulting industry is summed up, which can provide supports to adapt to the new situations for the engineering consulting industry.
Authors: Lin Zhang, Wei Zhang
Abstract: In the Context of integration of the Tri-networks, digital libraries start running its individual knowledege service to express its using value. Basic on the gereral introduction of integration of the Tri-networks, this paper will discuess the stratiges of running the individual knowledge services.
Authors: Jian Jun Wu, Fu Rui Cai
Abstract: Most domestic studies of KS are from the library and information fields, research focus on the mode of KS and the related technologies, as well as the strategy of carrying out KS, and so on. This article explains the meaning and the features of college library knowledge services (KS), and analyzes the situation of KS in Chinese college libraries. This paper will analyze the situation of KS in domestic college libraries, point out the problems, and propose optimization strategies.
Authors: Gui Fen Zhao
Abstract: The integration of DL and distance education is a significant topic of theoretical and practical research. This paper mainly discusses the principles of knowledge service of DL and four knowledge service models for distance education under the principles, namely, specialized service model based on subject knowledge base, content-based reference service model, personalized custom-made service model, and teamwork service model. The key point of realizing these models is to take distance education users as the center, set up subject information service platform, personalized information push platform, subject librarian knowledge service platform and platform for learning resource sharing and system interoperability, and properly integrate these platforms.
Authors: Wei Zhang, Cheng Li, Shen Jing Chen, Yun Du, Xin Li
Abstract: The Chinese government departments and enterprises increased emphasis on service outsourcing, especially on knowledge process outsourcing which has knowledge-intensive characteristics. Because the increasing demands for the knowledge services in the current market competition, the Scientific and Technical Information Institutes (as the knowledge service organizations), faced the huge market opportunities, but also faced the huge market challenges. In this paper, based on the service status of the institutes, we select some typical knowledge services modes such as media monitoring, industrial monitoring, and patent information service for SWOT model analysis. And we make the SO, WO, ST, WT strategy research. The SWOT model analysis can help the institutes establish proper understandings and assessments of their competitive strengths. Therefore they can make full use of their advantages, overcome the disadvantages, and develop varieties of knowledge service products suitable for the market demands. Through the efforts, the KPO services will become one of the main business directions for the institutes.
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