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Authors: Zhi Gang Wu, Xian Min Peng, Gui Chuan Zhang, Bin Xu, Qing Lin Liu
Abstract: For the demand of helicopter test, a helicopter manipulating control system was designed and implemented. This paper describes the structure and principle of hardware, the underlying and PC control program, and establishes the mathematical model between control angles and displacement of actuators. According to the practical application, the system meets the requirement of helicopter test very well.
Authors: Kun Zhao, Shu Tao Zhao, Pei Zhang, Lu Shen, Ce Liu
Abstract: The development of robot technology and AI makes it possible using outdoor mobile robots inspecting substations instead of manual work [. To solve the technical problems of substation patrolrobots navigation, a general scheme of substation intelligent inspection based on the red guide line is put forward. The 2-D bar code records main inspected equipments information, aiding patrol robot positioning navigation. The system utilizing LabVIEW virtual instrument software with IMAQ Vision module has been successfully written and related to pictures image processing, detecting and reading 2-D bar code. It has practical significance to improve the efficiency and to enhance the portability and flexibility of substation inspection scheme.
Authors: Ming Yun Li, Yu Ning Zhong, Jia Bao Cheng
Abstract: According to GB /T 4271-2007 in regard to the temperature control requirements, we have designed a set of closed loop temperature control system, it uses two levels of temperature control, and it uses LabVIEW PID kit and an external controllable silicon module for secondary heating fine-tuning, the whole system ensures that the solar heat collector inlet temperature stability at the setting value ± 0.1 °C.
Authors: Xiao Bing Wu, Wan Quan Peng
Abstract: Software controlled measurement procedure, designed for testing of inverter integrated circuit voltage parameters, is presented in this paper. Described solution, performed on circuit HCF 4007 UB, is based on data acquisition PCI card NI 6713 and control programming application developed in LabVIEW 8.0 software environment, installed on standard. PC configuration. Designed solutions of virtual instruments performs measurements, chronological recording, graphical presentation and software analysis of measurement results regarding to input and output threshold voltage levels, from inverter transfer characteristic recorded for different circuit supply voltages. LabVIEW software support in the process of recording, measurement and software processing of the integrated circuit basic parameters, provides full software automation of these procedures.
Authors: Yong Li, Guang Ma, Yun De Shen, Tai Hong Cheng, Zhen Zhe Li, Dong Ji Xuan, Ming Ren
Abstract: To meet the needs of test for compound oscillatory roller transmission (CORT) reducer, A comprehensive test system for precision transmission performance was designed, the test-bed structure and control principal of which were introduced. First, a transmission performance test method was proposed and focused on the transmission performance of velocity ratio, accuracy, and efficiency. Then, user interface based on LabVIEW program was designed, and the transmission performance of torque, angle, velocity, velocity ratio, return difference, efficiency could be displayed. Finally, measurement example on an E80 type CORT reducer has been made, and shows that the proposed test system is suitable for test for these reducers of high-precision drive, high stiffness, high load characteristics.
Authors: Jun Zhou, Cong Huang, Bo Liu, Ting Ting Wang
Abstract: Based on an underwater robot with three degrees of freedom (DOF), a control system with autonomous motion and monitoring function is designed to detect the security of underwater structures. With LabVIEW as the PC software and ARM as the main controller of the lower computer, communicating through the CAN bus, this robot system has the ability of walking freely on the dam surface according to the joystick’s signal , and acquiring the robot’s position and posture as well. In addition, a two-way video multiplexer is used to transfer two video signals, which are used for navigation and observation respectively. Finally, the experiment indicated the system could realize the desired goals .
Authors: Yan Kun Tang, Kun Yang, Yan Nan Zhai, Hui Zhang
Abstract: A design method of safety lock test based on 89S52 Singlechip is put forward and hardware structure and circuit scheme is introduced. Through the modularized design method of software, parameters of safety lock under different conditions are measured and quality test of safety lock is achieved.
Authors: Ren Ping Shao, Yong Long Li, Wen Tao Hu
Abstract: By testing the running gear system with fault, the vibration signals of gear system are acquired at different speeds. Using wavelet de-noising by threshold to extract the useful feature signals, combining time-frequency analysis with intelligence detection theory of wavelet analysis, the feature signals are decomposed into different frequency bands. Then, according to the energy feature theory, the magnitude of energy in each frequency band is calculated to identify different faults in different running conditions successfully. Based on above all, it called the MATLAB Script Node in LabVIEW to process and diagnose the acquired feature signals with fault. And, a gear fault detection system, Virtual Instrument Diagnostic System, is developed by combining both advantages of LabVIEW and MATLAB, using hybrid programming method about both of them. The system possesses various functions like as: collection, analysis, feature extracting, fault detecting, diagnosis and so on. The results show that the diagnosis system runs well and can be used in the detection and diagnosis of actual operation system.
Authors: Peng Bin Cao, Jia Qiang Hu, Xu Bing Chen, Yin Wang, Rui Song
Abstract: To overcome disadvantages of complex wiring and difficult maintenance for traditional wired sensor networks, a data acquisition system for chemical equipment monitoring based on wireless sensor network has been put forward. The proposed data acquisition system has functions of real-time data acquisition, transmission, storage, query and remote sharing of history data, and provides favorable technical supports for real-time chemical equipment monitoring. First, the system framework, EMBV210 hardware are introduced. Then, in the LabVIEW platform, the data acquisition system is developed, and the remote sharing of equipment operating status by DataSocket is realized. Finally, the proposed data acquisition system is simulated and verified. The work provides a feasible way for chemical equipment monitoring and useful references for the development of other similar integrated measurement and control systems.
Authors: Muralindran Mariappan, Manimehala Nadarajan, Rosalyn R. Porle, Vigneswaran Ramu, Brendan Khoo Teng Thiam
Abstract: Biometric identification has advanced vastly since many decades ago. It became a blooming area for research as biometric technology has been used extensively in areas like robotics, surveillance, security and others. Face technology is more preferable due to its reliability and accuracy. By and large, face detection is the first processing stage that is performed before extending to face identification or tracking. The main challenge in face detection is the sensitiveness of the detection to pose, illumination, background and orientation. Thus, it is crucial to design a face detection system that can accommodate those problems. In this paper, a face detection algorithm is developed and designed in LabVIEW that is flexible to adapt changes in background and different face angle. Skin color detection method blending with edge and circle detection is used to improve the accuracy of face detected. The overall system designed in LabVIEW was tested in real time and it achieves accuracy about 97%.
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