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Authors: Peng Lin Zhang, Bo Lin Ruan, Jian Chao
Abstract: With the rapid development of urbanization in China, an effective and quick approach usedto identify changes in basic farmland becomes more and more important in land use resource managementfield. While a variety of change detection approaches using multi-temporal satellite image havebeen reported, few approaches using GIS data of land use planning and single-temporal high spatialresolution satellite image have been reported. This paper proposes an object-based basic farmlandchange detection approach using single-temporal high spatial resolution satellite image and GIS dataof land use planning. Compared with the pixel-based change detection approach, the object-based approachmust be more suitable for in high spatial resolution images. To test the validity of the proposedapproach, we apply it to the actual data, and primary results reveal that the proposed approach is valid.
Authors: Long Quan Chen, Feng Qiong Zou
Abstract: Serious hazard for mining subsidence, and the prediction of traditional methods of land use change has many defects, this paper mainly analyzes mining subsidence's influence on land use by using GIS. Put data of mining subsidence and layer’s data of land use into ArcGIS, then change region of mining subsidence to regions of the different deep subsidence, then intersect layer of mining subsidence with one of land use, the different deep subsidence and land use database are spatially analyzed and the different lands are found out and their areas are calculated, ArcGIS expresses the result in the way of image. In the end do analysis of GIS according to the calculated result.
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