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Authors: C. de Mello Donegá, S. Alves, O.L. Malta, G.F. de Sá
Authors: C.G. Gameiro, E.F. da Silva Jr., S. Alves, G.F. de Sá, P.A. Santa-Cruz
Authors: H. Schumann, U. Böttger, A. Zschunke, H. Weisshoff, B. Ziemer
Authors: Xiao Ling Cui, Xin Ming Shi, Shi You Li
Abstract: A series of lanthanide complexes with acetylacetonate and a new asymmetrical 5-[p-(4-fluorobenzoyloxy)-m-ethyloxy]phenyl-10,15,20-triphenylporphyrin were prepared and characterized by elemental analyses, molar conductance, UV-Vis, IR, 1H NMR, luminescence spectra and themal analysis. Quantum yields of Q band fluorescence are in the region 0.073-0.097 at room temperature. Complexes have higher stability (decompose until 211°C). The structure that both the porphyrin behaved as a tetradentate ligand and acetylacetonate as a bidentate ligand are coordinated to a rare earth ion also has been proposed.
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