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Authors: Mei Yan, Xiu Ren Yang, Ai Min Li, Wen Jun Wang, De Yun Ding
Abstract: With the speedy development of Beijing mass transit, the land for metro engineering construction is becoming more and more insufficient; moreover, more and more complicated building environment problems are coming forth in future. In a complex building environment, how to choose available construction method to fast, safely and economically build metro engineering is worthy to be urgently studied in Beijing mass transit. Taking the experiment project of Beijing metro line No.14 as an engineering background, a new construction method that a running tunnel is firstly built by large-size shield method and then a metro station is constructed by shallow mining method to enlarge existing large-diameter shield tunnel is presented in this paper. Based on the building conditions of the experiment project, three architectural design schemes for the metro station and two kinds of construction plans are briefly introduced, and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed as well. The new construction method can be used as a reference for the design and construction of metro engineering in China in the future.
Authors: De Yun Ding, Xiu Ren Yang, Wei Dong Lu, Wei Ning Liu, Mei Yan
Abstract: Constructing a metro station by enlarging an existing large-diameter shield tunnel can be considered as an attempt to build metro engineering efficiently, safely and economically. To Take the Gaojiayuan station of Beijing metro line 14 as an object of study, two-dimensional finite element models are used to simulate metro station construction by enlarging a large-diameter shield tunnel with an outer diameter of 10 m, based on the soil-tunnel-pipeline-building interaction. According to the theory of orthogonal experimental design, four different supplementary construction measures are considered to study the influence of whether or not adopting the measures on deformation of adjacent structures during enlarging construction. The deformation of adjacent structures is predicted on the basis of adopting four supplementary construction measures. The numerical results can be regarded as a reference for the design and construction of metro station by enlarging large-diameter shield tunnel.
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