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Authors: Wei Li
Abstract: Laser ceramic modification technology is an effective way to improve the surface performance of titanium alloy. This paper summarized the in situ formation mechanism of ceramic phases and the interface structure between ceramic phases and the matrix during the laser ceramic process on the surface of titanium alloy. The future research area was also indicated that theoretical study on composite ceramic coating preparation should be strengthened by combining the laser alloying and in situ formation technology on the surface of titanium alloy.
Authors: Feng Jie Tian
Abstract: Adopted the compounding Ni-base alloy powder and properly mixed a few functional powders, the study on surface strengthening for slab crystallizer base material by substrate pre-heated and laser coaxial feeding cladding was investigated. The results indicate that the laser coaxial feeding cladding can effectively decrease cladding layer’s pores and crackers compared with laser pre-laid cladding, the cladding layer structure is compact, uniform with typical rapid freezing character and the structure can be controlled by compounding alloy powders. The elements of substrate and cladding layer infiltrate and dilute to each other, the bonding interface is good with metallurgic and tight combination and the rate of dilution is very low. The erosion resistance and thermal fatigue of substrate are improved evidently by this treatment.
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