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Authors: Marina Rakočević, Nikolay Vatin
Abstract: In this work, there are presented overviews of theoretical and numerical models for defining the stress-strain state in the cross section of moderately thick and thick composite plates in case of bending. Layered composite plates are constructed by combination of layers of various materials and geometrical characteristics, wherein each of them has got a bearing capacity in previously defined directions. By applying Equivalent Single-layer Laminate Theory (or ESL theory) these layers' problems cannot be solved successfully. That is the reason to apply contemporary theories of plates, in literature known as Layerwise theories. At the end of this work, there are given numeric examples of applying Partial Layerwise Theory.
Authors: Jin Ho Roh, Jae Hung Han, In Lee
Authors: Il Kwon Oh, Tai Hong Cheng
Abstract: Based on full layerwise displacement shell theory, the vibration and damping characteristics of cylindrical sandwiched panels with viscoelastic layers are investigated. The transverse shear deformation and the normal strain of the cylindrical hybrid panels are fully taken into account for the structural damping modeling. The layerwise finite element model is formulated by using Hamilton’s virtual work principle and the cylindrical curvature of hybrid panels is exactly modeled. Modal loss factor and frequency response functions are analyzed for various structural parameters of cylindrical sandwich panels. Present results show that the full layerwise finite element method can accurately predict the vibration and damping characteristics of the cylindrical hybrid panels with surface damping treatments and constrained layer damping.
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