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Authors: Masao Kondo, M. Hida, Mineharu Tsukada, Kazuaki Kurihara, M. Kutami, N. Kamehara
Authors: Laongnuan Srisombat, Orawan Khamman, Rattikorn Yimnirun, Supon Ananta, T.Randall Lee
Abstract: Perovskite ferroelectric PNN ceramics have been obtained from oxides by sintering in air, using a two-stage process with corundum Ni4Nb2O9 precursor. Under suitable firing condition, XRD analysis revealed that the ceramics consist of 100% perovskite phase. The SEM, EDX, and XPS techniques were employed to investigate the chemical composition of the surfaces of the PNN ceramics. Fluctuation in chemical composition, precipitation of NiO and the Pb-Ni-Nb-O phase different from perovskite were found.
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