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Authors: Kateryna Bazaka, Mohan V. Jacob, Robert A. Shanks
Abstract: Poly(linalool) thin films were fabricated using RF plasma polymerisation. All films were found to be smooth, defect-free surfaces with average roughness of 0.44 nm. The FTIR analysis of the polymer showed a notable reduction in –OH moiety and complete dissociation of C=C unsaturation compared to the monomer, and presence of a ketone band absent from the spectrum of the monomer. Poly(linalool) were characterised by chain branching and a large quantity of short polymer chains. Films were optically transparent, with refractive index and extinction coefficient of 1.55 and 0.001 (at 500 nm) respectively, indicating a potential application as an encapsulating (protective) coating for circuit boards. The optical band gap was calculated to be 2.82 eV, which is in the semiconducting energy gap region.
Authors: Heng De Li, Cheng Huang, Xiao Zhong Ma, Yu Qing Feng
Abstract: Liquid-liquid equilibrium tie-line data were examined at atmospheric pressure and at 298.15 K for ternary mixtures of (water + methanol + linalool) as well as (water + ethanol + linalool). The distribution ratios of alcohol between organic and aqueous phases are discussed. The immiscible area of (water + methanol + linalool) system is wider than that for the ethanol system. The experimental liquid–liquid equilibrium data were satisfactorily fitted by means of an extended UNIQUAC model.
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