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Authors: Lin Li, Chan Ji Shan, Jun Luo, Nan Xu
Abstract: With the development of linux and μC/O dual-core embedded operating system, its research areas have been broadened wider and wider. This paper aims to illustrate its importance in engineering practice on the basis of its application in the technological process of injection molding machines and numerical control machines to arrive at its natural conclusion that dual-core system has a brighter and wider prospect by using Linux and μC /OS to solve the problems of Linux because it is more and more widely applied in engineering, mechanical control systems and many other fields such as mobile communications as well as digitalized network, and now is becoming more and more demanded with the rapid development of scientific technology.
Authors: Heng Xu, Cheng Hua Fu, Yun Jin Yang
Abstract: The traditional real-time video surveillance system at smart home tends to occupy a lot of resource .In order to solve this kind of problem, a design of an infrared sensor to trigger video monitoring system is proposed in this paper .The system uses arm9-Linux as the platform ,and infrared sensor as the trigger device and uses the mpeg-4 algorithm to encode the video stream finally .The article mainly introduces how to build the hardware and software platform and tests the feasibility of the system.
Authors: Ping Xian Yang, Ming Jie Wang, Xing Liu, Qi Lin Hao
Abstract: This article designed an embedded intelligent home gateway for the internet of things, proposed a unified management of all kinds of intelligent household appliances, and realized the scheme for the user easily to operate and control them remotely.
Authors: Ya Jun Wang
Abstract: The realization of interoperability between Linux and Windows is beneficial to the development of operating system technology in depth and breadth. From such aspects as architecture, kernel module, user module,system call,device driver module and so on, this paper elaborates a design scheme of operating system to run Windows' application programs on Linux platform.
Authors: Feng An, Zheng Liu, Wen Yin Tao
Abstract: Introduce a new way of developing and releasing software on embedded platform. With the help of OpenBricks, which is an enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework that provides easy creation of custom distributions for industrial embedded devices, people could easily build their applications into the framework and save time on many complex operations such as platform dependency and compatibility, which proved valuable on practical field.
Authors: Wei Chang Feng
Abstract: E-Yuan multimedia system is developed for the rich audio and video resource on the Internet and on its server side, it can automatically search and integration of network video and audio resources, and send to the client side for the user in real-time broadcast TV viewing, full use of remote control operation, Simply it’s a very easy to use multimedia system. This article introduces its infrastructure, main technical ideas and you can also see some details about server side and client side. At the same time, the improvement on how to collect and integrate video resources is comprehensively elaborated.
Authors: Ye Han, Xiang Dong You, Xu Zhang, Hui Yang Wang, Cong Deng
Abstract: This paper presents a novel design of the CNG dispenser electronic control system. The hardware design includes the ARM11 core-board and the expansion board, and the software design is based on the embedded Linux system with QT Embedded and SQLite. In addition to the general function as filling natural gas, the system has the GUI designed for touch input, the embedded database, and equipped with a RJ45 cable network interface, WiFi wireless network interface and RS485 interface etc.
Authors: Ya Jun Wang
Abstract: As the fastest growing operating system, Linux is applied in broader areas, and more and more people start to use Linux operating system. In allusion to the hot issues like Linux and UnixLinux and free softwares, Linux kernelLinux DistroLinux and embedded systemLinux and WindowsLinux teaching, the research results have been summarized in the article.
Authors: Cheng Jiong Wang
Abstract: This paper discusses about types of file structures in Linux, points out that EXT2 is the most commonly used file system in Linux, analyzes the disk layout, index point and directory structure of EXT2, and studies the method to access files in EXT2 by name, which makes the access faster and more efficient.
Authors: Xiao Juan Chen, Yue Sun
Abstract: Hardware design and programming of an embedded control system for CPT (Contactless Power Transfer) is proposed in this paper. Embedded control system for CPT is realized based on ARM9 chip, Linux operating system and MiniGUI graphic technology.
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