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Authors: Murizah Kassim, Ezril Hisham Mat Saad, Rosminah Mustakim
Abstract: This paper presents an analysis of liquid drinks concentration using microprocessor based sensor. A prototype model based on hardware and software is used to run this analysis. The model then is tested and a few type of branded sold drinks base is analyzed on its concentration. The hardware comprises of a portable device that has been design to detect the differences between selected liquid drinks concentration. Those tested experimental drinks are Sunquick Blackcurrant, Sunquick Orange, Greenhill Rose, Greenhill Mango and Dutch Lady Full cream milk. A light dependant resistor (LDR) is used as the sensor to measure the light density through the liquid. The method has obtained the input voltage from the LDR circuit and display the concentration measurement on the liquid crystal display (LCD). Successful output has been gathered from the designing circuit. A printed circuit board (PCB) layout and programming using Basic language is developed and design in the identified hardware and software. This research has produced a data collections and statistical analysis on the identified drinks concentration. Comparison has been made and mathematical concept on the design system has been carried out.
Authors: Wen Li Wei, Xiu Fang Yang
Abstract: A kind of dynamic tracking system for conducting high accuracy measurement of transparent liquid concentration is designed by means of line matrix CCD receiving fringes in accordance with the relations between liquid concentration and refractive index as well as the relations among refractive index, interference light wavelength of optical fiber F-P interferometer and grade orders. The detecting system can recognize or detect 0.01% of concentration variations via measuring a group of alcohol.
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