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Authors: Warren H. Hunt, Jr.
Authors: Ji Ming Zhou, Xue Hua Gu, Fang Yang, Le Hua Qi
Abstract: Threshold pressure is a very important parameter for melt alloy successfully infiltrating into the porous preform. However, the precise measurement for threshold pressure is very difficult for the reason that infiltration process is undertaken very fast under extreme elevated temperature and high pressure without effective measuring devices to monitor it. A totally new measuring device was proposed and fabricated, which can be used to monitor the infiltration process “visually” and measure the threshold pressure directly at the same time. The infiltration speed can be controlled by adjusting the gas flow speed. The infiltration behavior of melt AZ91D alloy in Al2O3sf preform was researched at temperature of 800°C and pressure of 0.6 MPa. The optimized gas velocity was controlled at 25L/min. The degree of vacuum of the infiltration cavity was set 30kPa in experiments. The volume fraction of Al2O3sf was 10%. Under these conditions, the threshold pressure of melt AZ91D alloy into porous Al2O3sf preform was found to be related with vacuum degree in infiltration chamber, and it was about 30 kPa
Authors: R. Ramesh, A.S. Prasanth, M. Ragavan, Madamanchi Likhith
Abstract: Co-continuous ceramic composites were fabricated with commercially available SiC porous foams as the ceramic phase and aluminium 6021 alloy as the metallic phase using reactive metal penetration (RMP) process. Microstructure studies, compression test, microhardness test and tests to determine the impact strength were performed on the co-continuous composite. The fabricated composite was lighter and it was found to possess properties comparable to aluminium 6021 alloy.
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