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Authors: Oleg Girin
Abstract: On the basis of the discovered phenomenon of phase and structure formation of metallic materials being electrodeposited through a stage of liquid state it was predicted and experimentally proved the following: a) formation of intermediate phases in the form of intermetallides in electrodeposited metallic alloys during the electrochemical crystallization of a liquid phase of two metals of different valences; b) formation of intermediate phases with complex crystal lattices in the form of carbides during solidification of a liquid phase of a transition metal alloyed with carbon; and c) formation of eutectics in electrodeposited metallic alloys as a result of decomposition of a liquid phase into two separate solid phases during its solidification. Intermetallides Cu5Zn8 and Cu6Sn5 in electrodeposited alloys of Cu-Zn and Cu-Sn systems, carbides Fe3C and Cr3C2 in electrodeposited iron and chromium alloyed with carbon, and eutectics in electrodeposited alloys of Sn-Zn and Pb-Cu systems were found.
Authors: J. Siwka, A. Hutny
Abstract: The values of nitrogen solubility in the liquid Fe-N-Cr alloy and in liquid chromium were determined experimentally. The alloy of a chromium content of 8; 13; 18; 25; 35; and 69, respectively, and chromium of purity of 99.7 wt % were subjected to experiment. The original data on nitrogen solubility in liquid iron and the data on nitrogen solubility in liquid chromium (the authors' own studies) were converted in relation to the new standard state that is represented by pure nitrogen. The energy parameter, h Fe-Cr, was determined based on literature data. Using the coefficient values for the Fe-Cr alloy, calculated on the basis of our own investigation results, the values of the energy parameter h were determined. The determined energy parameter h in the form of a temperature function relationship will enable the determination of the numerical values of the for the Fe-Cr alloy of any arbitrary composition.
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