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Authors: Duvvuri Subbarao, Noor Asmawati Mohd Zabidi, Sujan Chowdhury, Mohamad Azmi Bustam Khalil, Mohammed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib
Abstract: Developments in Equation of State for gases have enabled estimation of properties of gases with reasonable accuracy. Equation of State for liquid phase is developed in this note to explain dependence of density of liquid on temperature through latent heat vaporization and specific heat of the liquid. The model is validated with data on some common liquids.
Authors: Yong Cun Zhang, Qing Ning Li
Abstract: By analyzing and simplifying the force status about the concave water surface and wall of concrete capillary pores,the model for force calculation of capillary walls is established.When the concave water surface is going down,capillary walls will contract. Concrete volume shrinkage strain at different surface tension is approximately calculated out by using finite element software ANSYS,from which the relationship between the surface tension of capillary water and drying shrinkage,early self-shrinkage of concrete is obtained.
Authors: Ji Li Tu, Chun Jie Qian, Hua Yun Ge, Ji Ping Wang, Jin Qiang Liu
Abstract: This study presents an experimental investigation of the relationship between liquid surface tension and fabrics water retention in dehydration processes such as centrifuging, line drying and heat drying. Selected surfactants were used to prepare wash baths with different surface tension, and dehydrating experiments of cotton fabric after immersion in above bath were conducted. The results showed that lower surface tension is beneficial to reducing fabrics water retention by centrifuging and improving line drying efficiency and heat drying efficiency. It was assumed that water with low surface tension is easy to drop down or separate from fabric, thus improving the de-watering and drying efficiency.
Authors: Peng Zhang, Dao Bin Luo, Jian Ke Liu
Abstract: Based on the laser technique, a method of detecting liquid surface tension was proposed. The relation between the laser diffraction pattern and liquid surface tension is derived. In this experiment, laser diffraction patterns from liquid surface waves were collected .The experiment results show that the proposed way is feasible.
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