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Authors: J.H. Espina-Hernández, Roland Grössinger, Reiko Sato Turtelli, J.M. Hallen
Abstract: A new system for measuring magnetic viscosity in bulk hard magnetic materials base on a pulsed field method is presented. After the magnetizing field pulse, the stray field of the sample, which is proportional to the magnetic moment, is measured with a compensated set of two Hall probes. The set of Hall probes is driven with an AC voltage source and the Hall voltage is detected using a lock-in amplifier. By this method the system is able to measure the time dependence of the magnetization (viscosity). The magnetic viscosity coefficient (S) is obtained through a linear fitting of the magnetization decay versus ln t. Two typical Nd-Fe-B samples were measured and good agreement with the results from the traditional viscosity experiment was obtained.
Authors: J.H.W. de Wit, D.H. van der Weijde, A.J. de Jong, F. Blekkenhorst, S.D. Meijers
Authors: H.A. Crostack, Ursula Selvadurai-Lassl, Gottfried Fischer, André Rothkirch
Abstract: Diamond-cobalt composites are used for cutting tools. Residual stress after manufacture can reduce the lifetime of such composite cutting tools and, hence, the stress state needs to be well understood. Within this study, stress measurements on a cobalt diamond composite were made by SXRD to deduce stress states in the cobalt matrix using the (222) reflection. The application of different apertures allowed the investigation of stress in small areas of cobalt surrounding a diamond and in areas at different distances to a diamond. In the areas adjacent to the diamond increased residual stresses were found in the cobalt matrix. Furthermore, approximations for radial and tangential residual stresses have been derived which show to be different.
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