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Authors: Ch.R. Koenig, D.H. Mueller, O. Focke, Mircea Calomfirescu
Abstract: Fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) offer a high potential to reduce kinetic energy. As a consequence of this, fibre reinforced polymers often have a higher risk of being exposed to impact loads. The knowledge of the mechanisms and of the material loading during and shortly after an impact load is essential for an ‘impact-load-monitoring-system’ to predict possible structural failures. Especially a prognosis of structural failures caused by – often unrecognized - barely visible impacts is an important factor. Primary impact damages often leads to a sudden structural failure. These unheralded failures seems to be one of the most important problems in product development for the aircraft industry. By measuring the structural response at several discrete measurement points an impact can be detected, reconstructed and also rated.
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