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Authors: Janusz Grabara, Mariana Man, Sebastian Kot
Abstract: Under the conditions of the current economic-social development within the industrial companys management, there occurs a new function, that of logistics which has a decisive influence on the companys other functions. Thus, the industrial companys logistics is systematically approached, emphasising its elements, namely: production logistics, commercial logistics, operational logistics, sales support logistics, pilotage logistics. These costs can be deemed as being total costs that depend on the total quantity that is subject to the logistical process. Any activity of logistics within the company can be analysed by means of a questionnaire called Logitest.
Authors: Yi Min Yang
Abstract: In this paper, we use survey data from 165 enterprises in Hunan Province, in addition, we take in the Probit model to make empirical analysis about the willing for companies to build the logistics cost control system of supply chain and its influence factors from the following four aspects: the features of enterprise, the features of senior management, the external environment as well as the expected market. The results show that the willing for companies to build the logistics cost control system of supply chain is not strong. Among them, the willing is significantly correlated with the firm size, the type of senior management, the awareness of cost control system of logistics, government support policies and cost management techniques as well as its methods of development, while the willing has negative correlation with the nature of corporate, the risk expectations and the expected cost. In addition, the education of senior management and the behavioral factors of peer competitors have the same expected direction with our paper, but not significantly.
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