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Authors: György Czél, Zoltán Kanyok
Abstract: Different properties (tensile strength, elongation, modulus, impact strength) of rice husk (RH) reinforced polypropylene (PP) coupled by Maleic-Anhydride grafted Polypropylene (MAgPP) have been investigated. MAgPP is an effective coupling agent, not only in cellulosic-fibre filled polyolefine composites, but in rice husk flour filled polypropylene composite systems as well. It gives a utilizable construction polymer matrix composite (PMC) material even at a 40 wt.% RH filling degree. The strength and modulus increases by adding the rice husk but the elongation decreases in a non-monotonic way. Micrographs shows weak coupling in between RH and PP without MAgPP.
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