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Authors: Peter Tscheliesnig
Abstract: The TÜV Austria (formerly TÜV Vienna) has been testing different structures, mainly pressure equipment, since 1977 with Acoustic Emission. I will not enumerate all the different tests, which are more than 20.000 till today, but I will point out, how the test method has changed on some typical tests over the years. I will also remind you on the different possibilities, which have been offered by the rapid development of the electronic data acquisition and treatment, especially during the last 10 – 15 years.
Authors: Bing Bing Chen, Wei Ming Sun, Zeng Liang Gao, De Ming Fang
Abstract: 16MnR steel is one of C-Mn steels widely used for pressure vessels in China. Mechanical behaviors of 16MnR steel used as liquefied petroleum gas vessel for about 100,000hr have been investigated in this paper. The macrostructure, fracture toughness, fatigue-crack growth rate, and low-cycle fatigue properties of the samples have been studied in detail. Compared the results with that of GB6654-86 (one of Chinese national material standards) and other test data of 16MnR steel, it indicates that the mechanical properties of the long-term used 16MnR steel have not been degraded and aged.
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