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Authors: Wan Azani Mustafa, Haniza Yazid, Mohamed Mydin M. Abdul Kader
Abstract: Retinal fundus image is important for the ophthalmologist to identify and detect many vision-related diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. From an acquisition process, retinal images often have low gray level contrast and low dynamic range. This problem may seriously affect the diagnostic process and its outcome, especially if an automatic computer-based procedure is used to derive diagnostic parameters. In this paper, a new proposed method based on statistical information such as mean and standard deviation was studied. The combination of local and global technique was successful to detect the luminosity region. Then, a simple correction intensity equation was proposed in order to replace the problem intensity. The results of the numerical simulation (SNR = 2.347 and GCF = 4.581) indicate that the proposed method effective to enhance the luminosity region. Implications of the results and future research directions are also presented. Keywords: Detection, Luminosity, Retinal, Statistical.
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