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Authors: Punsak Glumglomchit, Juniastel Rajagukguk, Jakrapong Kaewkhao, Keerati Kirdsiri
Abstract: This work, gamma-ray shielding properties of the lutetium lithium borate glasses in the system Lu2O3 - Li2O - B2O3 have been evaluated as a shielding material at 662 keV photon energy. While the experimental mass attenuation coefficients (μm) have been determined by using the narrow beam transmission method, the theoretical data were calculated using WinXCom program. The good agreements between experimental and theoretical values have been obtained. Both experimental and computational mass attenuation coefficients data were used to obtain the effective atomic number (Zeff), and the effective electron density (Nel). Based on the obtained data, the Lu-based glasses have good shielding properties, the improved glasses could be used as gamma-rays shielding material.
Authors: A.I. Skorikov, V.G. Baskov, A.V. Kidyamkin, U.M. Marochkina, E.E. Popovtsev
Abstract: The method for Lu determination in Yb preparations enriched in 176Yb by atomic and emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (AES-ICP) is reported. The relative determination error from 0.0001 to 0.1% of Lu mass is less than 40%.
Authors: L. Pidol, Bruno Viana, Aurelie Bessière, A. Galtayries, P. Dorenbos, Bernard Ferrand
Abstract: The paper presents two cerium doped lutetium silicate crystals: pyrosilicate Ce:Lu2Si2O7 (LPS) and Ce: Lu2(1-x)Y2xSiO5 (LYSO). These two crystals exhibit the expected requirements for gamma detection: high density and high atomic number, high scintillation light yield, good energy resolution and fast response. LPS and LYSO crystals doped with cerium were grown by the Czochralski process. The crystal growth parameters were studied and optimized. Development of scintillators requires good understanding of the scintillation process. The location within the forbidden band gap of the localized lanthanide energy levels is analyzed by time resolved spectroscopy and thermoluminescence studies.
Authors: Bernard Moine, C. Dujardin, H. Lautesse, C. Pedrini, C.M. Combes, A. Belsky, P. Martín, J.Y. Gesland
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