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Authors: Shu Lin Chen, Fang Fang Yu, Guo Lei Zheng, Bao Rui Du, Hong Zhen Chu
Abstract: To improve quality and efficiency of NC machining sequencing, an approach to order the machining features of aircraft structural parts is introduced in accordance with the principle of hierarchical planning, knowledge and geometry-based reasoning method. The main contents consist of: (1) Machining cell and its geometric descriptions are established, and the method for decomposing generalized pocket (GP) into machining cells is proposed. (2) Based on the GP relationship tree, data model and algorithm for generating machining chain are presented. (3) Machining process segmenting, feature grouping and sequencing rules are formulated by communicating with related experts. (4) Priority graph and relationship matrix of features are applied to describe the machining precedence. The developed approach has been applied in Intelligent NC Programming System of Aircraft Structural Parts and is validated through a case study.
Authors: Li Hong Qiao, Quan Wei Hu, Hong Wei Zhang
Abstract: Distributed geometric features such as adjacent auxiliary holes with certain tolerance requirements are common geometry to be machined in many complex structural components. The machining sequencing decision of such features has high impact on the machining efficiency of the part. This paper conducted an algorithm to generate optimal machining sequence of the distributed holes in a machined part by using simulated annealing. The procedures of the algorithm were introduced. Distributed holes machining of an example part has been considered in the paper to exam the algorithm to find an optimal machining sequence of the holes in the row blank operation. The impacts of algorithm parameters on the results such as the starting annealing temperature, temperature coefficient and iterations are studied. Comparisons of the machining route before and after optimization were performed. According to the optimized sequencing, total distance and transfer time of cutting tools were greatly shortened. Therefore, the machining sequencing optimization of distributed holes can raise the machining efficiency in practice and has great significance.
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