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Authors: M. Auslender, E. Rozenberg, G. Gorodetsky
Authors: J. Bessa Sousa, G.N. Kakazei, Yu.G. Pogorelov, Paulo Freitas, S. Cardoso, Armandina M. Lima Lopes, M.M. Pereira do Azevedo, João A.M. Santos, E. Snoeck
Authors: Bilal Jabakhanji, Nicolas Camara, Christophe Consejo, Benoît Jouault
Abstract: We report magnetotransport measurements in single epitaxial graphene layers grown on the C-face of an 8° off-axis 4H-SiC substrate using high temperature annealing conditions with a graphite cap covering the sample. The graphene sheets were found p-type doped, with mobilities varying between 1000 and 11000 cm²/V.s from device to device at 1.6 K. We examine the signature of weak localization and universal conductance fluctuations at weak magnetic field and we show that the phase coherence lengths extracted from the two phenomena are in satisfactory agreement.
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