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Authors: G.A. Melkov, A.N. Olijnyk, A.A. Serga, A.N. Slavin, V.S. Tiberkevich
Authors: H. Puszkarski, J.-C.S. Lévy, M. Krawczyk
Abstract: The equations of motion are derived for a magnetic planar system with dipolar interactions taken into account. Magnetostatic waves propagating perpendicularly to the sample surface and dipolar field static and dynamic components are calculated for the case when saturating field is applied perpendicularly to the sample surface. The corresponding frequency spectra and mode profiles are computed numerically with emphasis laid on size effects. It is established that two lowest-frequency modes are surface-localized modes. These modes preserve their surface-localized character with growing sample dimensions.
Authors: E.A. Vilkov
Abstract: The spectral properties of magnetostatic waves in a ferromagnet with a moving periodic domain structure are studied within the exchange-free magnetostatic approximation. It is demonstrated that the Doppler frequency shift caused by the domain-wall motion results in the splitting of the spectrum of each magnetostatic wave mode into two dispersion branches―high-frequency and low-frequency branches. It is found that the more the mode number, the more the separation between these branches with respect to the mode spectrum in the presence of the static domain structure. PACS numbers: 75.60.-d, 75.60.Ch, 75.70.Kw
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