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Authors: Marcela Selecká, Andrej Šalak, Dagmar Jakubéczyová
Abstract: The effect of three iron powder grades and three manganese carrier types on mechanical and tribological characteristics of sintered 1 -5% Mn steels was investigated. The different effect of iron powder grades in dependence on manganese addition expressed oneself in strength and in wear. The highest strength and highest wear attained the steels with 3% Mn added as high carbon ferromanganese. The components – rollers - prepared from manganese steel exhibited lower wear than that from Fe-4Ni-1.5Cu-0.5Mo powder. The gears for hydrogenerator prepared from Fe-3.5Mn-0.5Mo-0.3C steel exhibited longer life time at increased oil pressure compared with that from through hardened sintered Fe-4Ni-1C steel.
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