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Authors: Hong Bo Zhu, Xue Jun Xu, Xue Song Chen, Shao Hua Jiang
Abstract: Matching feature points is an important step in image registration. For high- dimensional feature vector, the process of matching is very time-consuming, especially matching the vast amount of points. In the premise of ensuring the registration, filtering the candidate vectors to reduce the number of feature vectors, can effectively reduce the time matching the vectors. This paper presents a matching algorithm based on filtering the feature points on their characteristics of the corner feature. The matching method can effectively improve the matching speed, and can guarantee registration accuracy as well.
Authors: Ke Bin Li, Jian Ping Liang
Abstract: Recently, O-type foot and mouth disease epidemic situation has changed, there has been MYA98 epidemic strains, has caused many Asian countries for many kinds of animal damage. In January 2011, a new matching vaccine developed, namely Foot and mouth disease type O inactivated vaccine (O/MYA98/BY/2010 strain). In order to master this vaccine effectiveness in pig production, all the individual pigs in the ten farms had been immunized.A total of 97786 individuals or times immunized pigs were observed. All pigs were traced surveillance for foot and mouth clinical signs. A total of 295 serum samples were detected for antibody titers.The results show that although there adverse side effects, but other than the vaccine adverse reactions and extent has significantly decreased, pigs immunized were non-occurrence of type O foot and mouth disease, the antibody titer is eligible. So here we show , the vaccine is safe and effective, can be widely used.
Authors: Yuan Hang Cheng, Xiao Wei Han
Abstract: Abstract:Proposed a method of document image matching based on SIFT-Harris operator, Use of SIFT-Harris operator to accurately search match for the same name point. First use SIFT operator for the coarse search match to find out a rough affine transformation relationship of matched Image and based image, Then used the Harris operator and gray correlation matching algorithm refined search. It improved the matching speed and accuracy. Experimental results show that the method works well for document image matching.
Authors: Yan Fen Chen, Fu Hong Zhang
Abstract: The noise coefficient and the power gain of a low noise amplifier affect the whole performance of the receiver. This paper presents the design and simulation of 2-stage low noise amplifier using the MGA633P8 and TQP3M9028’s S parameters to set S2P files. Not only analyze how to insert elements to match a broadband circuit, but also make some optimization by using the Agilent ADS in the case of small signal. Simulation results show that the proposed work implements a high performance of 2-stage low noise amplifier which works at 824 MHZ to 1980 MHZ, the gain is greater than 25 db, the noise coefficient is less than 0.6, input and output standing wave ratio (SWR) are both less than 1.3.
Authors: Lei Tang, Yu Ping Wang, Ping Yang, Yi Wu Weng
Abstract: This paper presents the experimental study of the small organic Rankine cycle power system performance under different heat source temperature and different load resistance,1kW experimental system was built using scroll expander with the working fluid R600a. Experimental results show that when heat source temperature does not exceed 120°C, the system has a maximum power for 1.05kW and power generation efficiency of up to 4.51%, the expander rotation speed and expansion ratio can reach 2922rpm and 3.03, respectively; Experiment obtained the variable condition operating characteristics of the scroll expander and permanent magnet generator and the relationship with the load resistance; There exist optimal load resistance to make power generation and unit power output and power generation efficiency maximum at the different heat temperature and different working fluid flow.The scroll expander should match permanent magnet generator and the load resistance when designing systems so that the system can get optimal performance.
Authors: Xiao Feng Zhang, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu
Abstract: Measurement of the grinding wheel topography and its change in machining process is important for revealing the grinding principle of high-temperature brazed mono-layer super-abrasive grinding wheel. A new approach of measuring grinding wheel topography based on binocular stereovision is presented. Firstly, the binocular images are achieved while the optical axes of the two cameras are parallel, and a corner reflection function algorithm is applied to detect corners. Secondly, in order to get matching corners, optimal matching template is obtained by matching curves. The experimental results show that the sequential similarity matching operation with optimal template has advantages of high accuracy, and less error matching. Finally, the height of the corners is obtained by calculating their parallax on left and right image, and the height error is less than 5%.
Authors: Kun Lv, Jin Wen Su, Xi Ping Chen
Abstract: By numerical simulation computation, after passing the pulsating flow, enhanced heat transfer mechanism in spirally fluted tubes was researched. Numerical result shows that pulsating flow can cause the outlet pressure to fluctuate cyclical and the extent of fluctuation increases with the pulsating flow frequency. The pulse flowing can make the fluid generate the whirlpool nearby the spirally fluted tubes and the phenomenon of periodic production, drift, and fall-off appears. Because of the vortex, the fluid motion and relative motion are enhanced. The pulse flowing can improve the coordination level between velocity and temperature, thus has strengthened the heat transfer effect.
Authors: Wei Liang Wang
Abstract: Software Program of Water and Wastewater Network Optimization Was Provided and Was Applied in Petrochemical Enterprise. a New Water System Optimization Method Was Based on Mass Transfer Model of Water Pinch Technology, Evry Operation Used Matched Water of Circle Water and Fresh Water in Turn. Judgement Basis of Operation Sequence and Theoretical Basis of Selection of Water Source Was Put Forward. the Water Network Optimization Program of Matlab Language Was Edited and Applied in a Petrochemical Enterprise. the Result Showed that the Fresh Water Reduction Was 38.31% when the Optimization Method Was Used in one Water System Contaminanted by Sulfur with Nine Operations.
Authors: Shang Fu Hao, Bai Li Sun, Zhi Hui Wang
Abstract: The structure, characteristics and use of MCM69C432 are introduced in the paper, based upon which a virus search scheme is proposed aiming at its characteristics. Through constructing CAM rule matching unit, the package head and data load are filtered parallelly, and the filtered results are handled centralizely according to the rule response requirements. It makes the system more powerful in processing and applicability, which has a good application prospect.
Authors: Xing Hua Liu, Zhi Qiang Fan, Feng Jie Lu
Abstract: In the paper, by means of the method of directly measuring the discharge voltage and discharge current of ignition coil, the match between hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) and ignition coil is studied, and the experimental research of ignition coils’ charging and discharging characteristics is carried out which leads that more accurate discharge energy is obtained. The experimental results show that the ignition coil here meets the need of the ignition of HICE; the energy corresponding to the pulse width of 5ms is the maximum one the primary coil can store; with pulse width constant the oscillation of the voltage leads to different discharge durations; the larger the charge pulse width is, the lower the utilization of coils is.
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