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Authors: Hua Fen Sun, Ke Peng Hou
Abstract: The traditional analysis of slope deformation is only paying attention to the study of slope displacement velocity, while ignoring the displacement direction. therefore, this paper is proposed to use the 3Ddisplacement vector analysis method to analyze the data of the slope deformation monitoring. Take in Yunnan open-pit mine as an example, Using MATLAB software, draw the slope deformation 3Ddisplacement vector field graph, through the analysis of the characteristics of 3Ddisplacement vector field, it is shown that 3D displacement vector field can directly, accurately show the whole deformation of the slope, we can judge the deformation mode stability state of the slope and slope. this method can provide a reference for similar projects.
Authors: De Hui Zhang, Xiao Qiang Wu, Chun You Zhang
Abstract: In the Inner Mongolia beef cattle feeding, barn temperature is an important parameter. Barn temperature has an important impact on cattle breeding and beef production. In order to ensure that there is appropriate temperatures barn, data recorded in the barn a month temperature monitoring points, the acquisition time for each temperature monitoring point for the one-hour time interval. Using MATLAB software barn temperature data were analyzed, the data fit (least squares) and plotted, and finally get a barn temperature prediction formula. And use this formula to predict the temperature of the barn, forecasting results show that the design is reasonable, the error is small, can be applied in practice.
Authors: Shou Jun Wang, Li Bo Yang
Abstract: Wave-maker mechanical parameters play an important role in the stability of the wave systems. Accurate mechanical parameters are the key part and basic work in the design and analysis of one wave-maker. In order to meet the strength, stiffness and response time requirements, its necessary to have its stress analysed before, which is meaningful to the design of the wave-maker. According to this situation, a caculation method of wave-maker mechanical parameters based on Matlab and Excel is introduced in this paper.
Authors: Marian Gaiceanu, Emil Rosu
Abstract: In this paper a voltage control strategy based on the optimal control theory, for isotropic rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives, is proposed. The complete optimal control of the three phase permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) consists of three components: the state feedback, the feed forward compensation of the load torque and the reference to achieve the desired state. The control assures a smooth dynamic response, in order to achieve the desired state in steady state, the fast compensation of the load torque, and the energy minimization. The obtained solution by integrating the matrix Riccati differential equation (MRDE) is orientated towards the numerical implementation (by using a zero order hold) and it is computed on-line. The optimal control strategy is applied to PMSM drives and verified by simulations.
Authors: Chaowish Munyuen, Panhathai Buasri
Abstract: Switched reluctance motor (SRM) has a simple, inexpensive and reliable construction due to the concentrated coils on stator pole and no conductors or magnets on the rotor pole. The advantages on the SRM operation such as high speed, high torque to inertia ratio, fault tolerant, low inertia and low inrush currents, make it a better choice for use in different applications. The dynamic behavior of the SRM on various conditions should be studied. This paper aim is to develop a Matlab model of a 6/10 SRM using the mathematic equations. As the results, the simulation shows the impact of load torque on the phase current profile, speed profile, and inductance profile. The simulation is performed the characteristics of the switched reluctance motor in Matlab environment to show the efficiency of the proposed model.
Authors: Li Wei Tao, Jing Cao Chen, Jian Hu Yan
Abstract: According to the requirements on multiport and power flow in the application of renewable energy, a novel multiport converter based on magnetic coupling is proposed in this paper. This multiple converter is capable of charging and discharging the battery while supplying the load. Theoretical method for the analysis of a three-port converter based on magnetic coupling is presented. The principle of the control loop for the converter is given that the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is applied for the Photovoltaic (PV) part and the independent control is for the power flow part respectively. In addition, this proposed control method is also available for multiple modules. The simulation model is built by Simplorer-Matlab software and the simulated results demonstrate that this proposed converter can realize the power distribution very well. The control strategy proposed is of great isolation and low mutual interference between different ports so that the converter can reliably operate.
Authors: Vlad Muresan, Balan Radu, Donca Radu, Laura Pacurar
Abstract: Energy savings are an important issue in the context of climate change. The main goal of researchers is to study and develop new methods of improving energy efficiency in household heating. In this paper a Matlab toolbox is presented and explained. The toolbox is developed for researchers and students interested in simulating building energy behavior. A test room is developed and simulated and a radiator model is implemented. Two types of heating are used during the simulation: a radiant floor heating and a panel radiator. A simple on-off control is used for each heating system. The goal of the paper is to study the impact on energy consumption of each heating system used and their impact on energy consumption when the two heating systems are used in different configurations.
Authors: Xiao Jie Chu, Shan Xiong Chen, Jian Li, Zhang Jun Dai
Abstract: When there is a ramp, the methods of calculating the foundation and pile bearing capacity are different from the plains situation. Many scholars have been studied determination method of the foundation and pile bearing capacity under the condition of slopes. A program is developed based on the results of previous studies, which can calculate the foundation and pile bearing capacity under the condition of slopes. The program using MATLAB software integrates a calculation method of foundation and pile capacity under slope condition. Combined with numerical examples, the results illustrate the upshots of the calculation methods in the program on the basis of the literature by interpolation method with the adjustment coefficients are accurate. And analyzed the influence of slope ratio on the bearing capacity: capacity and slope ratio was negatively correlated, with the slope ratio decreases, the capacity is on the increase, but the degree of increase based on the slope ratio.
Authors: Ren Ping Shao, Yong Long Li, Wen Tao Hu
Abstract: By testing the running gear system with fault, the vibration signals of gear system are acquired at different speeds. Using wavelet de-noising by threshold to extract the useful feature signals, combining time-frequency analysis with intelligence detection theory of wavelet analysis, the feature signals are decomposed into different frequency bands. Then, according to the energy feature theory, the magnitude of energy in each frequency band is calculated to identify different faults in different running conditions successfully. Based on above all, it called the MATLAB Script Node in LabVIEW to process and diagnose the acquired feature signals with fault. And, a gear fault detection system, Virtual Instrument Diagnostic System, is developed by combining both advantages of LabVIEW and MATLAB, using hybrid programming method about both of them. The system possesses various functions like as: collection, analysis, feature extracting, fault detecting, diagnosis and so on. The results show that the diagnosis system runs well and can be used in the detection and diagnosis of actual operation system.
Authors: Li Ying Wang
Abstract: The population size and structure is an important factor that affects economic and social development. In this thesis, MATLAB is used to build the relational graph between total population and year according to the total population in the statistical bulletin issued by Jilin Province Statistical Bureau; the grey GM (1,1) model is built with the population size between 2004 and 2013 as the original sequence; the statistical software SPSS18.0 is also used to solve grey GM(1,1) model and it is obtained that the total population in Jilin Province will grow slowly in the future ten years; finally, the rationalization proposal for controlling the population increase of Jilin Province is put forward.
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