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Authors: Mo Yu Wang, Yan Yan Wang, Xiao Liu Shen
Abstract: Based on the depth analysis of the related literature and the present situation of energy consumption of Beijing’s carbon emissions, through the MATLAB programming on the Lagrange interpolation algorithm, the paper predicts the carbon emissions from energy consumption in Beijing’s economic growth. According to the relevant historical and predicted data, the paper examines the process of Carbon Emission Trend of energy consumption in Beijing. The results show that: Beijing carbon emissions showed "Y=X3" type growth. Combining the current situation, the paper analyzes the results, and finally provides decision support to the government, to promote the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption of carbon emissions in Beijing city into the inverted "U" trend.
Authors: Shan Mei Xiong, Ru Lian Wu, Hui Wang
Abstract: This paper has introduced the clustering algorithm into the model of urban tourism destination consumption structure, and has used MATLAB programming algorithm to improve the calculation model of consumption structure for tourism destination, which has obtained the spatial data model of the consumption structure. The model roundly considers the influence of geographical location, cultural factors, political factors and economic factors, and it establishes new clustering algorithm model with four coefficients, and has realized the algorithm by the use of MATLAB programming. Finally, the consumption structure of the same destination in different provinces is calculated by using the spatial system model, which has obtained the calculation curve of consumption space structure and the clustering results, and has provided technical reference for the research on consumption of urban tourism destination.
Authors: Yang Hua Li, Bo Mo, Jie Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, Newton's laws of motion and momentum theorem are the theoretical basis. The equations of motion in the vertical plane are the calculation basis. In order to get the ballistic and numerical solution of motion parameters of the missile, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to solve the missile Trajectory. Firstly, this paper builds the trajectory model of missile in vertical plane. Secondly, this paper chooses missile control method. Thirdly, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to verify the correctness. And to further analyze the law of motion parameters changed with time.
Authors: Juan Chang, Jian Hua Zhang, Dian Ji Zhang, Zhi Gang Liu
Abstract: In this paper, we use the software of ANSYS and MATLAB to do research on early computer warning system. ANSYS can check the intensity of early warning system, and MATLAB can realize the visual function of warning system. In this paper we established the process model of ANSYS intensity checking, and designed the calculation process of order flow. We use the disaster warning when opencast mining to underground mining as an example to verify the model and the algorithm. Through the calculation we get the correlation table between calculated and measured value. Finally we get the biggest stress nephogram of chamber center by using ANSYS software, and through the MATLAB software we realized visualization of surrounding rock stress. It provides the theoretical reference for the research on computer warning system in mining process. With the development of computer hardware and software technology, computer information early warning system begins to appear in many engineering fields. This system can carry on security issues of real-time detection and warning in the process of project implementation, and through the visualization software to display this information.
Authors: Nai Wang
Abstract: This paper introduces genetic algorithm in sensor path loss model, improves the target recognition function of sensor, and obtains the sensor target recognition method with relatively high resolution. We use MATLAB software, M function and genetic algorithm toolbox of MATLAB to design the algorithm, and apply sensor target recognition method in the identification of free combat action, and design the free combat movement recognition system based on wireless sensor. In order to verify the effectiveness and reliability of the system, this paper recognizes a set of continuous and rapid transformation of free combat movement, and obtains the curve of action recognition number changing with time, and the continuous action is displayed in the form of visualization. It provides the technical reference for the design of the free combat movement.
Authors: Xu Lu, Hong Wei Ding, Yong Wang, Jia Guo, Hai Jie Cheng, Ran Zhai
Abstract: With the digital and networked development in information industry, people's requirements for video playback quality step up, and people put forward higher requirements to the regulatory work. After timely detecting factors which effect the quality of video playback, such as: mosaic, no sound, black field, supervision departments take corresponding measures to adjust the broadcast program which is beneficial to improve the playback quality. Among them, this article made some analysis on the static frame and black field which are important parts of the program content detection, and tells us the causes and characteristics of them. Then we design the detection method for these two kinds of phenomena by controlling the static frame and black field threshold size .Finally, we use the MATLAB program to realize the detection of the static frame and black field.
Authors: Xiao Dan Liang
Abstract: It studied the early stability model of tunnels and establish the computer information system of early stability by using general software of ANSYS and Matlab in the paper. Firstly,the stress is displayed successfully through the model of stress intensity checking and algorithm. Then,it analyzed the influence of stress on surrounding rock in the arching process by using ANSYS software to calculate stress distribution in surrounding rock.Finally,it obtained the visualization display by using Matlab. Due to the limited conditions of computer, the numerical modeling process can not simulate the real situation of surrounding rock,we can only use approximate models to replace the whole rock system.
Authors: Qing Song He, Fan Gui Zeng
Abstract: With the development of computer science and information technology, computer data mining technology is updated, which makes the image mosaic technology that can detail data processing for remote sensing image. On this basis, this paper uses advanced computer image processing technology to carry on the combination of wavelet decomposition, combined with the GIS remote sensing technology, the coal exploration and investigation evaluation technique are carried out in-depth discussion. The paper establishes the mathematical model of GIS remote sensing image processing, and through the wavelet decomposition method, the function of image processing is given. In the third part, combined with the MATLAB data processing software, coal GIS satellite remote sensing image is carried out resource evaluation by the programming operation and the size distribution of coal rock is drawn, the coal content evaluation data table of remote sensing area is finally obtained, in which the content of No. 1 coal seam is highest reached 9860 tons, the horizontal extension of four coal seams is between 200-500m, and the longitudinally is extending between 50-100m.
Authors: Guo Ping Zhao, Yuan Xun Fan, Feng Yang, Li Yi Li
Abstract: Base on analyzing the design demand of the return system in the ball screws, combining the sine curve and the quintic parabola curve, this paper introduces a new type of curve for steel balls used in heavy load bearings. By computing and programming in Matlab, this paper gets the sine-quintic parabola curve and conducts the kinematic simulation based on it. The results show that the balls can get in and out of the return system continuously and cause low impulse force on the return system. The highest impulse force happens when the balls access the return system. All this results can contribute for the later design and research of the internal circulation return system.
Authors: Qian Sun, Wei Dong Ding, Han Li Liu, Sheng Pin Du
Abstract: The most important part of ITS (Intelligent Technology System) is the forecasting of dynamic traffic information reporting in a timely manner. Based on the results of past empirical studies, this article is presenting and analyzing two models based on Grey Theory and the BP (Back propagation) Neural Network. In accordance with the advantages and disadvantages of these two models, we established a new combination model. This article also presents the calculation of dynamic traffic stream volumes based on the application of two models (Grey Theory and BP Neutral Network).The results predicted an increase in the overall prediction accuracy of road traffic volume.
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