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Authors: Xiao Yi Li, Zhao Di Xu, Wan Xi Chou
Abstract: This paper proposed the basic idea of constructing method of large v order Steiner four elements large set under the blow of steiner three elements. At the same, this paper analyzed the conditions for the existence of v order Steiner four elements. This paper also proposed the construction method of v order Steiner four elements large set based on the initial block matrix permutation. This paper also introduced the entire construction process of 9 order Steiner four elements systems large set. This paper proved the number of 9 order Steiner four elements s(1)(9)of 9 order Steiner four elements large set is d(9)=v-8=1 .
Authors: Lei Wang, Tian Rui Li, Jun Ye
Abstract: The essence of the rough set theory (RST) is to deal with the inconsistent problems by two definable subsets which are called the lower and upper approximations respectively. Asymmetric Similarity relation based Rough Sets (ASRS) model is one kind of extensions of the classical rough set model in incomplete information systems. In this paper, we propose a new matrix view of ASRS model and give the matrix representation of the lower and upper approximations of a concept under ASRS model. According to this matrix view, a new method is obtained for calculation of the lower and upper approximations under ASRS model. An example is given to illustrate processes of calculating the approximations of a concept based on the matrix point of view.
Authors: Wei Liu, Fu Quan Sun, Hui Lin Yuan, Jin Bo Cao
Abstract: With the development of economy, higher requirements for pipeline laying are raised. Among them, how to choose path for laying effectivelyand cheaply is the most important. Compared with ‘Dijkstra’, ‘Bellman-Ford’, ‘Floyd’ and ‘Dynamic planning model’, a new routing algorithm based on adjacent matrix is proposed and detailed processes and rules are designed. Additionally the effectiveness of the algorithm is proved through being applied to an example.
Authors: Tong Zhou
Abstract: This paper introduces a digital watermark algorithm based on H.264. This algorithm controls the DCT coefficients for 4X4 block to resist the attack. Through the experiment results, under the condition of no obvious increase in complexity and no obvious change of PSNR, BITRATE changes in less than 5%.The attack on level can be 98% detected with omission factor under 2% and no fallout ratio.
Authors: Ji Min Yuan, Wei Gen Wu, Xin Yin
Abstract: On average, each of the 1011 neurons has 1000 synaptic connections with other neurons in reality. In order to simulate a biological genuine model, the stability of a special discrete-time recurrent neural networks model that every neuron only has one input neuron is considered. And a main result is obtained. It provides some theoretical basis for the application.
Authors: Guo Dong Li
Abstract: In this paper, a kind of transform has been given for an image that switches to a matrix. A Radar image is an RGB image. An RGB image is usually represented to three layers: Red, Green, and Blue. Each layer can be changed to a matrix. We give a way to transform the three layers to one matrix. All image information will be remained. According to this way, the hail cloud radar image had been transformed to a matrix. The information of hail will been remain in this matrix.
Authors: Jozef Krešák, Pavel Peterka, Stanislav Kropuch, Andrea Bérešová
Abstract: A rope is an important, highly effective and one of the oldest transportation systems used in transport by mankind. Nowadays, steel ropes are mainly used for moving loads in mining - coal and ore exploitation, vertical or horizontal transport of persons and goods by cranes, elevators, lifts and cable ways. In many cases steel wire ropes are employed in extreme conditions with respect to the load of the rope: high temperature plants, mining corrosive environments and etc. In terms of labor safety it is necessary to certify each rope people come in contact when working with loads or a rope is used for transportation. It has to be done earlier than a rope is put into operation or on the market. Despite the fact the tests were performed correctly, a rope may not achieve the desired rope life. The great impact on the life of a wire rope has its interaction with a device a rope is deployed on. Interaction of a steel wire rope with a device it is deployed on has a great impact on its life. Durability is also affected by the way a rope is loaded, its maintenance and regular re-examination as well as its construction. Design accuracy is assessed according to strength and deformation properties of wires a rope is made of and a rope cross-section construction is taken in account as well. The important aspect of steel wire rope durability (which can be mostly influenced by a manufacturer) is an appropriate design of diameters and angles of wires winding in accordance with exactly defined conditions of operation. The paper presents models of ropes equally loaded which eliminates the most unfavorable factors affecting their life cycle.
Authors: Qi Sheng Zhao, Xiao Ming Liu, Hui Sheng Zhu
Abstract: The information security of wireless sensor networks is one of hot issues on the current research; this paper combines threshold key scheme with the management of security key sharing and group agreement and proposes dynamic key management scheme through clustering level key matrix of authentication mechanism from the cluster to node. The network is divided into different clusters, and the cluster head conducts the key authentication exchange and updates the key management with threshold key schemes, with no need of third authentication center, reduces the computing and communication costs, and promotes communication.
Authors: Sergey Sidelnikov, Roman Galiev, Andrey Bersenev, Denis Voroshilov
Abstract: At present, Russia is actively developing methods of combined treatment of aluminum alloys, one of which is the method of twin roll casting-extruding. It is very suitable for processing aluminum alloys having a relatively low melting point. The method consists in pouring a melt into the rotating rolls, crystallizing it on the roll surfaces, rolling with a predetermined reduction amount, pressing out in front of the die and squeezing out the product of the predetermined configuration and dimensions through it with drawing ratio in the range of values 10-40. Analysis of technical and economic indicators showed that this method has a number of advantages in comparison with traditional technologies of semicontinuous extruding and continuous casting-rolling. So the output of a good metal at high production volumes can reach 95-97% at a productivity of up to 3-4 tons per hour. In addition, it is possible to quickly move from one profile size to another by changing the matrix. The authors proposed and patented various designs and methods for producing solid and hollow press products from non-ferrous alloys. On their basis, laboratory and pilot-industrial units for combined processing have been created, on which experimental studies have been carried out to obtain long-dimensioned deformed semi-finished products from aluminum alloys series 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx and others. The energy-power parameters of the process are determined and found that they are significantly smaller in comparison with traditional technologies (in 10-50 times). Investigations of the mechanical characteristics of press products have been carried out, which showed that when implementing such a treatment scheme, even when producing extruded products from low-plastic alloys, they have a high level of plastic and strength properties. Developed technologies based on the method twin roll casting-extruding now are tested in a laboratory of combined treatment methods in School of Non-ferrous Metals and Material Science in Siberian federal university and industrial conditions of a number of metallurgical plants.
Authors: Ji Xia Deng
Abstract: Linear algebra is an important basic course in university mathematics, finite dimensional vector space and linear transformation theory mainly on matrix theory, and the combination of matrix. Concept in linear algebra is defined directly by the mathematical symbol, rarely by example to import. How to make students master the abstract and difficult course, first of all is to let the students find the course in our daily life, to stimulate interest in learning.
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