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Authors: Igor Matko, Bernard Chenevier, M. Audier, Roland Madar, M. Diani, L. Simon, L. Kubler, D. Aubel
Authors: Yuan-Jin He, Yong Hu
Authors: R. Heitz, B. Lummer, V. Kutzer, D. Wiesmann, Andreas Hoffmann, I. Broser, E. Kurtz, S. Einfeldt, J. Nürnberg, B. Jobst, D. Hommel, G. Landwehr
Authors: Toshihide Ide, Mitsuaki Shimizu, Xu-Qiang Shen, Shinji Hara, Hajime Okumura, Toshio Nemoto
Authors: H. Larhèche, B. Faure, Claire Richtarch, Fabrice Letertre, R. Langer, P. Bove
Authors: B. Schöttker, J. Kühler, Donat J. As, D. Schikora, K. Lischka
Authors: Zi Jiang Luo, Xun Zhou, Ji Hong Wang, Xiang Guo, Qing Zhou, Ke Liu, Ming Zhe Hu, Zhao Ding
Abstract: C(4×4) reconstruction on arsenic-rich GaAs(001) surface after phase transition has been investigated from the experiment and simulation. We found that the c(4×4) As-rich reconstruction structure of the GaAs (001) surface can be best depicted with the model which there are three As-As dimers without Ga-As dimers in a reconstructed unit cell, and these dimers are found to be aligned perpendicular to the As dimers on β2(2×4) surface.
Authors: T.W. MacElwee, J.A. Bardwell, H. Tang, J.B. Webb
Authors: Long Wei, J.L. Lee, Shoichiro Tanigawa, M. Kawabe
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