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Authors: Jia Xin Xu, Feng Qiu, Yan Wei, Yong Chao Wang
Abstract: In military academies, “task-oriented” teaching way should be put into use to make teaching goals well achieved. In this paper, from discussing the connotation of “task-oriented” teaching way as the starting point, the current implement of this kind teaching method in military academies is fully analyzed and some existing problems are pointed out. Finally, the corresponding countermeasures as well as the key points requiring attention are also suggested.
Authors: Rui Qiang Sui
Abstract: Traffic noise pollution does great harm to human health and brings huge damage to environment. This paper is aimed specifically at the issue of traffic noise pollution and its hazards, introducing three major types of noise pollution, exploring the causes for traffic noise pollution, and puts forward feasible prevention and treatment as countermeasures by analyzing the characteristics of each particular type of noise pollution to achieve a more healthy and sustainable transportation system.
Authors: Yu Xian Zhang, Li Fu Wang, Fang Yao
Abstract: First of all, the working principle of infrared thermometer and the structural principle sketch map for measuring the temperature of rotary wheel disc through infrared thermometric technology are briefly introduced from the physics aspect. Secondly, the type of infrared thermometer is selected according to the practical request of low or high temperature measure of rotary wheel disc. Finally, the same point temperature of the turbine wheel disc of an engine is measured through infrared thermometer and thermoelectric couple in the heating status, and the measure results are compared, which dictates that the infrared thermometric system could achieve an upper detection precision and satisfy the practical engineering request.
Authors: Li Jing Ren
Abstract: Now, the industries such as chemical industry is develop rapidly, and the requirement for the chrome of O2 is higher and higher. In this situation, it is important to measure the oxygen density with a portable and exact measure device. This article makes some study on a device for measuring the oxygen density, focusing on the principle of the testing, and the hardware and the software of the device. It proved that the system can work well.
Authors: J.A. Fakharzadeh, F.N. Jafarpoor
Abstract: The mean idea of this paper is to present a new combinatorial solution technique for the controlled vibrating circle shell systems. Based on the classical results of the wave equations on circle domains, the trajectory is considered as a finite trigonometric series with unknown coefficients in polar coordinates. Then, the problem is transferred to one in which its unknowns are a positive Radon measure and some positive coefficients. Extending the underlying space helps us to prove the existence of the solution. By using the density properties and some approximation schemes, the problem is deformed into a finite linear programming and the nearly optimal trajectory and control are identified simultaneously. A numerical example is also given.
Authors: Yun Zhang, Yuan Meng Xia
Abstract: This text according to the special structure and TOFRAME function for Parallel tool machine, investigate a kind of method that measure the maximum angle in virtual axis quickly, and pass an actual engineering application to practice, can be accurate to measure each angle of axis fixed position error margin quickly.
Authors: Hong Wei, Jun Yi
Abstract: In recent ten years, affordable housing has been qualitative and quantitative leap. But with the rapid development, there are some management problems came at the same time. This paper summarizes some found problems, and puts forward some suggestions to solve these problems
Authors: Min Zhou, Hua Bin Wen, Wen Hui Wang, Yong Hu, Yan Shi, Liang Li
Abstract: Regarding the issue of short service life of mechanical seal of HITM pump in polyester production, this paper analyzes its causes, carries out the modeling, theoretical analysis, and discussion concerning the temperature flow field of seal faces, and puts forward the measure for improving the mechanical seal unit.
Authors: J.A. Fakharzadeh, Sajad Salehi
Abstract: Designing a new control strategy for a moon lander to achieve an optimal soft landing, is the main purpose of this paper. For the dynamical system of the propeller to achieve the lowest level of fuel consumption, the problem of soft landing is presented as an optimal control one. Representing this into a variational form, transferring to an optimization problem on a measure space and then determining the optimal solution via a linear programming problem is the new solution path. This method has some important advantages in compare with the other, which are explain within a numerical simulation.
Authors: Chao Qun Leng, Yu Ling Huang
Abstract: Equipment use, management, maintenance and repair of phase take up of the total life cycle of the equipment for the most part, pays special attention to the equipment management, ensure the safe and normal operation of the enterprise management work is a basic work, it keeps the foundation of the enterprise production and operation, affecting all aspects of the enterprise. This paper points the analysis construction site construction machinery equipment management problems and countermeasures. Construction machinery equipment compulsory maintenance measures are put forward.  
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