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Authors: Xian Feng Zheng, Yun Hua Dong, Jing Zhang
Abstract: Causes of induced electromotive force (emf) in other circuit are analyzed when a single loop in control cable is connected to an alternating voltage source in this paper. The size of induced emf and its influence factors are discussed. Based on theoretical analysis and test, the control measures of induced emf in control cable are put forward.
Authors: Yu Ling Zhao
Abstract: With the fulfillment of pollution into our life, environmental protection has received significant attention of the whole world. The building indoor pollution affects peoples health directly or indirectly, as building decorations use extra composite materials, which release amounts of formaldehyde or carbon dioxide and are sources of some diseases. Thus, in order to meet the modern building standards, the following measures should be taken to control indoor pollution: building structure design, control of pollution sources, ventilation system design, application of green building materials, and indoor afforest, etc.
Authors: Ming Jun Lv, Xin Zhao, Xiang Dong Zhao, Jian Guo Liu, Feng Zhen Liu, Yan Hui Sun
Abstract: Over-voltage in the power system can be caused by a lot of reasons , including higher frequency ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage which occurs in normal operation and causes great harm. Overvoltage events often result in damages to electrical equipment or even power outages . In this paper,ferromagnetic resonance is analyzed to study harm , causes, conditions , and phenomena and to handle resonance and develop practical preventive measures. The related analysis is important to work for the future operation of the power grid to prevent and limit the ferromagnetic resonance over voltage which provides some help to further ensure the safety and stable operation of the power grid .
Authors: Bao Hua Shi, Wei Ren, Wen Pu Ning, Hui Feng, Long Hua Cai
Abstract: In order to ensure the safety of the runway expansion project in Qingyang airport, the paper conduct an in-depth analysis of construction safety features from the aspects of construction machinery and equipment, intercrossed construction, the construction team, the surrounding environment, and the construction time limit. First of all, measures are taken in terms of the safety regulatory agencies, the responsibility realization, related management systems, safety publicity, and three-level education. Then further measures are taken from the aspects of safety investment, safety facilities, hazardous source identification, and on-site safety management. These measures work together to make the whole project construction process without any security accidents and realize the intended goal.
Authors: Yuan Yuan Song
Abstract: Inventory management is an important part of enterprise internal control. This paper analyzes based on the internal control perspective the internal control measures on the inventory during the stage of procurement, inspection and storage, delivery, warehousing and storage.
Authors: Dong Xiao Niu, Hong Juan Li, Hong Yun Zhang, Guan Qing Wang
Abstract: The deterioration of the environment is much more serious, which leads to low carbon development of power industry overwhelming, this paper summarizes and analyzes the problems of low carbon development in China’s electricity industry, including the higher cost of low carbon energy construction, unreasonable energy structure, backward level of technology , difficulties of new energy paralleling in power grid; On the other hand, points out some measures towards low carbon development, including determining the price policies of renewable energy, levying carbon taxes and government subsidies, strengthening the construction of western electric facilities, optimizing the power structure, developing new energy technology, applying intelligent grid as well as promoting the international exchange and cooperation. We hope that the analysis can give certain reference for the low carbon development of China’s power industry.
Authors: Xuan Min Li, Shan Dan Zhou, Yong Hai Zhou, Dan Feng
Abstract: The current oil depot environmental risk is big with a wide range of environmental impact, although we have increased environmental protection efforts, but the situation is still grim. The transceiver of petroleum materials in the oil depot, storage and the oil vapor and water resulted by other operations will pollute the environment, and environmental pollution will limit the development of oil depots inevitably. So, we must pay attention to environmental protection for the sustainable development of oil depots. This paper mainly Analysis of the factors influencing petroleum materials on the environment of the oil depot.
Authors: De Chuan Yang, Ming Zhong Gao, Yun Hai Cheng, Wu Sheng, Jia Sheng Chen
Abstract: The filling belt of gob-side entry retaining with the character of soft rock composite roof,deforms violently,affected by the fracture and rotation of the main roof,and is prone to instability.This essay,considering characteristecs of coal mine pressure behavior on -790m 1311 (1) working face ventilation roadway at DingJi coal mine in HuaiNan,puts forward structural mech -anics model of the key block of gob-side entry retaining,which is used to forecast the position of the fracture line of the main roof, and analyze the roof subsidence at the side of the filling belt;It applies FLAC and UDEC to simulate distribution of plastic zones of surrounding rock of gob-side entry retaining,and stress variation law of the immediate roof and the main roof along coal seam inclination.The results show that:stress concentration factor of the immediate roof on the filling belt is about 1.6,first decreasing and then increasing with increasing width of the filling belt,which indicates that reasonable width of the filling belt is 3.0 m in accordance with the requirement of economic security requirment. The filling belt has significantly wide distribution of the plastic zones,with its four corners obviously plasticized,and overlying strata above the filling belt at side of goaf suffering upward plasticization,which is the result of rotation of the main roof; Deform- ation instability of filling belt is mainly caused by fracture rotation of the main roof;Finally, the measures to reduce the instability of gob-side entry retaining with the character of soft rock comp- osite roof are put forward.
Authors: Rong Jiang
Abstract: As an important lever that the states adjust the economy, tax revenue plays a significant regulatory role in university students' venture and employment. The influence of preferential tax to university students' employment is mainly a guiding and driving role. Enough attractive preferential tax can drive university students’ venture, also can make the enterprise provide more jobs for college students in the guidance of the preferential tax. For domestic employment situation of serious college students’ employment difficulty, this paper discussed how to use tax reform means to improve the present situation of university students' venture and employment, and proposed the feasible tax reform measures.
Authors: Jie Qin, Jian Ling Qi
Abstract: The erosion situation of the refractories of the deep reduction electric arc furnace have been introduced firstly, including the regions such as furnace wall, tapping hole and slag hole, and analyzing on the causes of the erosion shows that high temperature, chemical erosion of oxides in slag, as well as physical scour are the main causes of the serious erosion to the lining. Based on the practical production conditions three solutions are provided including preventing oxidation of metallized pellets, control the temperature and carrying out hot-spray-mending on the furnace.
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