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Authors: Dong Ming Zhang, Zheng Yi Fu, Jing Kun Guo
Authors: Jong K. Lee
Abstract: Recent work has shown evidence of cyclical phase transformations taking place during mechanical alloying. Cyclical phase transformations resemble dynamic equilibrium in the sense that both equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases are simultaneously present during milling, but phase fractions vary during cyclical transformations. A brief thermodynamic and kinetic account is first discussed to establish the criteria for cyclical transformations. A two-dimensional molecular dynamic work is then presented to demonstrate cyclical phase transitions between an equilibrium and a non-equilibrium phase during mechanical alloying. A model binary crystal made of 57 Lennard-Jones atoms is studied to illustrate cyclical transitions between an equilibrium rhombus and a non-equilibrium square phase.
Authors: A. Al-Hajry, Mohammad Al-Assiri, Stefano Enzo, Kwang Su Na, Neil Cowlam, J. Hefne, L. Jones, Francesco Delogu, H. Brequel
Authors: Aghasi R. Torosyan, Jonathan R. Tuck, Alexander M. Korsunsky, Svetlana A. Barseghyan
Authors: Jin Sung Jang, Young Moon Jang, Yin Zhong Shen
Abstract: Three 9Cr Fe-base ODS alloys were prepared by MA (mechanical alloying) and HIP (hot isostatic processing) processes. The addition of Ti was confirmed to have a significant effect on the tensile properties at high temperature as well as at room temperature, while the V addition did not clearly show its effect on the microstructure or on the mechanical porperties at both temperatures. Fine and evenly distributed Y and Ti containing complex oxide was detected in the Ti added ODS alloy. They were attributed to the good high temperature strengths. Different cooling rates from the normalizing temperature did not result in a significant change in the grain boundary characters, but rather significant differences were observed in the mechanical properties. This is mainly attributed to the difference of the matrix phase rather than to the grain size distribution or the grain boundary characters.
Authors: Stefano Enzo, G. Mulas, R. Frattini, G. Principi, Rajesh Gupta, R. Cooper, Neil Cowlam
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