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Authors: Si Feng Zhang, Yan Mei Li, Xiu Guang Song, Jian Zhou, Jian Cui
Abstract: Based on the theory of particle flow code, the micro-numerical analysis model is established to study the anchorage performance of geotechnical prestressed anchorage structures. According to the numerical model tests, the development regularity of stress and displacement of surrounding soil around bar body under the effect of uplift loading is analyzed, and the interaction characters between anchor bolt and surrounding soil are also deeply studied. Conclusions can be drawn as follows: with the function of tensile load, two area of stress concentration form within the interior bond section of prestressed anchorage structure, and the soil porosity also changes accordingly. The interface shear stress peak point shift inward gradually with the increase of time-stepping, furthmore, the peak stress also enlarges gradually. According to the deformation mode, the surrounding soil can be divided into three zones. The radial displacement of soil between anchors is weakened because of the effects of group anchors, but the axial displacement is strengthened, which nominally is similar to the “single anchor character”. The research findings have a certain reference value for the study of anchorage mechanism.
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