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Authors: Bao Long Shen, Chun Tao Chang, Akihisa Inoue
Authors: Joon Ki Hong, Neil Cowlam, W.S. Howells
Authors: Y. Loirat, Yves Limoge, J.L. Bocquet
Authors: Q.M. Yang, Y.Q. Lei, J. Wu, Q.D. Wang, G.L. Lu, L.S. Chen
Authors: Kornel Csach, Václav Ocelík, J. Miskuf, P. Duhaj
Authors: Daisuke Okai, Kentaro Mori, Gaku Motoyama, Hisamichi Kimura, Hidemi Kato
Abstract: The amorphousization of Zr65Nb35 alloy was performed. The Zr-Nb based alloys contained Al and Co elements were fabricated by arc-melting and melt-spinning methods. The superconducting property of the Zr(65-x)Nb35-xAlx (x = 0~15 at%) and Zr(65-x)Nb20Al15Cox alloys (x = 3~10 at%) was investigated by magnetic susceptibility measurements. The Zr(65-x)Nb20Al15Cox metallic glasses (x = 6~10 at%) with superconducting nanocrystalline particles dispersed in an amorphous matrix exhibited a superconductivity below about 3.5 K. The addition of Co element led drastically to the amorphousization of the superconducting Zr65Nb20Al15 alloy.
Authors: Ch. Cunat, France-Anne Kuhnast, A. Aharoune, M. Fiorani, Z. Ayadi
Authors: Aleksandr Kotvitckii, Galina Kraynova, Anatoly Frolov, Vitaly Ivanov, Vladimir S. Plotnikov
Abstract: In this paper the change of electrical resistivity of the amorphous alloy Fe80Ni10Si5B5 during heat treatment is investigated. Parallel studies by magnetometry technique, X-ray diffraction and calorimetric analysis were used to interpret the nature of the changes in the structure and properties of the alloy during annealing. These features are related with magnetic nature of the alloy and crystallization at a higher temperature.
Authors: Vladimir Z. Bengus, Gabriel Vlasák, P. Duhaj, Václav Ocelík, Elena D. Tabachnikova, G.V. Biletchenko, E.B. Korolkova, L.D. Son, V.S. Tsepelev, S.V. Orlov, V.V. Smirnov
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