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Authors: N.V. Baranov, Takashi Goto, Y. Hosokoshi, Kanryu Inoue, F. Iwahori, N.V. Mushnikov
Authors: Ryosuke Kainuma, W. Ito, R.Y. Umetsu, V.V. Khovaylo, T. Kanomata
Abstract: In some Ni-Mn-In- and Ni-Mn-Sn-based Heusler-type alloys, martensitic transformation from the ferromagnetic parent phase to the paramagnetic martensite phase appears and magnetic field-induced reverse transformation, namely, metamagnetic phase transition, is detected. In this paper, the metamagnetic shape memory effect due to the metamagnetic phase transition and the magnetostress effect in the Ni-Co-Mn-In alloys are introduced and the phase diagrams of Ni50Mn50-yXy (X: In, Sn, Sb) alloys are shown as basic information. Furthermore, the magnetic properties of both the parent and martensite phases in the Ni-Mn-In- and Ni-Mn-Sn-based metamagnetic shape memory alloys are also reviewed.
Authors: A.A. Zyuzin, A.Y. Zyuzin
Abstract: We consider a metamagnetic phase transition of itinerant electrons in the metamagnetic- ferromagnetic metal junction. The current flow between a ferromagnetic metal and a metamagnetic metal produces the non-equilibrium spin imbalance acting as an effective magnetic field and initiating the first-order type transition from low- to high-magnetization states of the metamagnet in the vicinity of the ferromagnet. We show that the current dependence of the length of high-magnetization state region diverges at some threshold value, due to nonequilibrium shift, generated in a contact between the high and low magnetization states of the metamagnetic metal.
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