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Authors: Alain Reza Yavari, A. Le Moulec, Akihisa Inoue, Junji Saida, Can Hua Li, Walter José Botta Filho, G. Vaughan, Å. Kvick
Authors: Jerzy Latuch, Henryk Matyja, V.I. Fadeeva
Authors: D. Negri, Alain Reza Yavari, M. Vazquez, Antonio Hernando, Antonio Deriu, T. Hopfinger
Authors: Ye.V. Shorokhov, B.V. Litvinov, V.N. Buzanov, A.A. Denisenko, Anatoly Ye. Yermakov, B.A. Greenberg, P.V. Kryukov
Authors: M. Burzynska, P. Nowicki, Henryk Matyja
Authors: M. Leonhardt, H.-G. Lindenkreuz, W. Löser, Jürgen Eckert
Authors: Alfred Peter Miodownik, N. Saunders, J.P. Schille, Zhan Li Guo
Abstract: Many Aluminium alloys use the precipitation of metastable phases to generate optimum properties. The effect of including additional structures such as θ’ and GP zones is described in the context of a hierarchy of metastable structures. Extending a Thermodynamic data base that has been designed solely to deal with equilibrium conditions is a vital prerequisite to handling the heattreatment of aluminium alloys. It is then possible to generate TTT and CCT diagrams, using the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami treatment previously applied in to other materials providing provision is made for the presence of supersaturated quenched-in vacancies. Calculations using JMatPro are given for the expected behavior of commercial aluminium alloys of increasing complexity, including AA319, AA6061 and AA7075.
Authors: X. Zhou, R.K. Sadangi, Bernard H. Kear, W.R. Cannon
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